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Saudi Helmet

Article about: Can anyone give more info on this item? Thanks

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    Default Saudi Helmet

    Can anyone give more info on this item?
    Saudi HelmetSaudi Helmet

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    Default Re: Saudi Helmet

    Iraquí Mº 80/03


    Helmet in use by Iraqi army during the first and the second war of the Gulf. It is made of Corlon, a ballistic fibre similar to kevlar. It was made in Iraq but was based on a South Korean model. It has a desert light tan camo paint and camo net. The liner is complete with sweatband and chinstrap.

    it's actually an IRAQI helmet not Saudi

    IRAQI MILITARIA FORUM (IMF) -> Helmets, Berets and other headgear worn by the Republic of Iraq

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    Default Re: Saudi Helmet

    Ok Thanks for the all info i had it posted on here earlier and another member told me it was Saudi
    Again thanks for all the help

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    Default Re: Saudi Helmet

    Saudi HelmetSaudi HelmetSaudi Helmet

    IRAQI MILITARIA FORUM (IMF) -> IRAQ helmet liner & chin strap variations

    I have a few of these in my collection and some have the brighter green cotton webbing and some have green nylon webbing, most of the ones Ive seen have green cotton webbing

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    any idea on value?

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    Default Re: Saudi Helmet

    Quote by viglenn89 View Post
    any idea on value?
    Saudi Helmet

    check ebay for Iraqi helmets and you can get an idea how much people are buying these for currently, but I would say probably around $40 - $50 price range sometimes less, these are worth as much as people would pay, they are not rare or anything but in the future they will not be so easy to get
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