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Bastogne tips

Article about: Going to Bastogne fairly soon... any tips? P.S It's my first time going on a big trip MDing so any beginner tips will also be a big help. I have a garret 250 if that helps.

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    Default Bastogne tips

    Going to Bastogne fairly soon... any tips?
    P.S It's my first time going on a big trip MDing so any beginner tips will also be a big help. I have a garret 250 if that helps.

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    Default Re: Bastogne tips

    When are you going? I live an hour down the road? I have been there over 20 times and I never have any luck but I didnt detect every time...

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    Default Re: Bastogne tips

    I don't want to discourage you but most of the Bastogne area has been cleaned out, except for the usual cartridges.
    It is a no-go area for MD except on privat property.

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    yep, when i went last year. We ran into a tour guide who said that it been cleaned out by MD, so it pointless. Still good place to visit.
    Dont bother buying anything in bastgone, everything is over priced.

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    Default Re: Bastogne tips

    Quote by Franz1944 View Post
    Dont bother buying anything in bastgone, everything is over priced.
    Thats true the souvenir shops are overpriced and most of it wasn't even recovered in the area.
    If you are lucky and there is a "Brocante"(yard sale) in the villages of the area, you still migth find something worthwhile at a good price.
    Just checked the dates and the first one is in May.

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    Default Re: Bastogne tips

    If not Bastogne then where would you recommend for a newbie like me. within a few hours of Kaiserslautern if possible.

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    Default Re: Bastogne tips

    A newbie like you I would advise to read the thread on laws relating to metal detecting found here....

    Laws pertaining to Metal Detecting.

    ...and wait for ww2hunter to advise you as he lives in Belgium. You pick the wrong place to dig and you will incur heavy penalties and loss of equipment.

    Steve T

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    Default Re: Bastogne tips

    Hey jacjac98,
    If you are new to this be mindfull that if caught around bastogne diggin or MDing on Public land you can get in the best case, a friendly warning, the worst case been, you getting arrested, your car, equipement and any finds been confiscated, an expensive trial, possible prison sentence and heavy fines.
    You might want to try and find a privat property to MD around Bastogne or if Kolby72 can help you out.
    But as I told you already, Bastogne was cleaned out years a go.
    When do you plan to come over?


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    Default Re: Bastogne tips

    WW2Hunter is right you dont want to end up losing your stuff over a couple spent casings. A buddy and I went out to Lanzerath right on the border near the west wall bunkers and ended up getting our detectors confiscated. Not all of Belgium is off limits just some states. You should try to hunt around St. Vith that area is not picked clean but I would knock on some doors before venturing out. Lastly as someone stated above WWII items are highly over priced in Bastogne. but there are some cool museums around there. My favorite is a little family owned one right across from what was the aid station during the battle. If you are familiar with the mini series Band of Brothers they portrayed the aid station as being in the basement of the church that is not correct it. It was actually a building closer to the city square. All that is there now i a plaque for the people that were killed and a chinese restaurant. Right across from that is the museum. If it turns out you just want to hunt let me know and I can take you out to some of my MD spots. Cheers!

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    Default Re: Bastogne tips

    Hey kolby72,
    With the St vith area, it's about the same principle as in Almost any Ardenne province.
    Public forrests are no go. I only hunt on Privat property in that area. What works best for me is asking the farmers of the area If they need that war-junk removed from there fields and pastures or the logging compagnies and the patches of forrest they are logging on.
    Accidents still happen with live rounds hidden under the trees, when they are logging.
    There are still some pretty dangerous area's, they prohibited the use of MD's in the public area's of the Bulge Battles after a metaldetecorist blew himself up with a live mortar round in 2008 or 2009.
    For Lanzerath, was it the police or the foresters who caught you? I know the 3 foresters, that are responsible for that area and one of them is a real maniac.
    Any way you got off easy, A forester has no right to arrest you, neither can he confiscate your MD without doing the propper paperwork, but than it is official and you will end up in court. Depending on how they interpret the law and what finds you had on you, they will make it a crimminal offence or not, you can just get a fine and MD confiscated or get the free bonus of a prison sentence and getting your butt thrown in prison.
    The rules are very simple for the battle of the Bulge area Plublic land and forrests = NO-GO!!!


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