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Article about: Here are some coins I found in Germany.

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    Default Coins

    Here are some coins I found in Germany.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Coins   Coins  

    Coins   Coins  

    Coins   Coins  

    Coins   Coins  

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    which one metal detector you use

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    Right now I'm using the Whites Prizm 3 but I'm upgrading to a nicer one. " Should be here soon "

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    White's its a good company . i look for ( Adx150 from XP ) or (new Garrett Ace 350 ) not now , next year

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    There both good detectors I'm moving to the (MXT PRO) by Whites. Because I've had such good luck with my Prizm. It just doesn't go deep enough or have a relic mode.

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    wow its a big one !

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    As long as it dose the job

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    Love the coin's,never been that lucky I only found one this year.
    I Love the prizm series, good material for a descent price.
    Only one itsi pitsi problem, the disc is to fragile, broke already 2 of them in the last year...

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    Nice war time coins, the last one looks atleast 300 years old?


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    Thanks John, I hope to find some more before the years out. " But you never know "

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