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Hurtgen Forest?

Article about: that's sound advice from everybody.

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    that's sound advice from everybody.

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    I had always wondered if the old M35 mines still had any bounce in them. Guess I now have my answer.
    They are correct. The old ordinance will go off just as powerfully today as it was designed to 70 years ago... only now it is much more unstable. On artillery shells the high explosive ( German) was mixed with paraffin. After years in the cold and the heat the paraffin has out-gassed and left crystals of pure nitro on the threads of the fuze. Try to unscrew the fuse and BINGO. You won't feel a thing. All they will find is your shoes... maybe.

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    Quote by Cameron Stockton View Post

    No offence intended but your username basically answers your question....

    You beat me too it..LOL..not a great idea to walk into a mined forest and then to ask about if its safe again after reading about the dangers and restrictions set by the local Govt......Congratulations!!! You earned the right to the user name. Most new members with questionable user names we have to ask if they can change it. I would advise against going into restricted areas,,,they are made that way for a avoid theft or death!! We read about this type of misfortunes all the time in the discussion forum,, hopefully we wont see any headlines that say.."Suicide in the Hurtgen forest"........Becareful
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    Thx for the replies. SuiCide is my online gaming name from my younger years OK we will stay on the paths and be carefull.

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    Quote by SuiCide View Post
    Thx for the replies. SuiCide is my online gaming name from my younger years OK we will stay on the paths and be carefull.
    I hope so, online gaming suicide is one thing, and real life is completely diferent thing.
    Everyone here gave you great and sound advice, i hope you listen to the advice given.

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    I lived in Cologne for a while and visited Aachen "Siegfried line" and the Huertgen Forest a few times. "Check out the Huertgen museum in town, it is awesome ". I agree with everybody else, just stay on the paths and you will be fine It is a beautiful area and depending on when you go, it is SUPER quiet and really allows you to reflect on the history of the area.

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    I was just in Hürtgenwald! Its a great trip to take, especially if your interested in Hiking. There are soany paths and trails leading through the woods I would not worry about having to go off the path. In Vossenack, theres a restaurant with great pie, I highly recommend it. Good Luck! - Nick K

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    Interesting thread , I was wondering the same thing , about old mines . After watching a PBS show about the Siegfried line , Nazi Mega Weapons . It's a great series but some of the uniform badging and hats in the recreations are pretty bad , Stonemint would not be impressed .

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    Also still used as Army training area. Tabbed about the woods with the Bundy boys back in the 90's. Found loads of stuff when we dug our sangers in the woods - so you'll get our crap as well as the old stuff too!

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    Remember that mines are the best and most loyal soldiers in the field! They stay on their post, never complain when it rains, don't need any food and do their job when they have to! They are never disobedient to their orders. Their orders are to kill and that's exactly what they gonna do when they get the chance! Even after 70 years!!!

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