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Questionable U534 Relic?

Article about: I have seen the previous post on the site referring to some issues raised about U-534 relics that are available from a UK based on line site. I have bought many and restore them all to a rus

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    Quote by Carfin LEWYS View Post
    Hello gentlemen,

    Unfortunately this type of "scam" is becoming more and more common and unless you take legal action against the seller, which you are not even sure of winning, "the mass is said".
    If you cannot find the item yourself or are not 1000 percent sure of the authenticity of the item, move on.
    In the world of collectors, there is an adage:
    “Buy the item for what it is, don't buy the story that is sold with it.”

    Best regards from Alsace , France;
    I agree with you of course Carfin. In the above case it may be difficult to instigate any legal action because the item is not in its "original" state as it has been treated to remove the rust. As already stated buy the item and not the story, or ask for advise on the forum is always a good idea.

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    U-534 is due to be part of a big project/renovation of the area.

    Hopefully it will start soon...

    New 'huge attraction' hoping to bring people in from around the world - Liverpool Echo

    The U-Boat Story Liverpool | Mersey Ferries

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    Like I say, it's due to start soon but... I'll believe it when I see it.

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    Quote by The Devil's Bank View Post
    Like I say, it's due to start soon but... I'll believe it when I see it.
    Well, lets hope that they put the boat back together. It was ruined when it was chopped into three sections. I was fortunate enough to go right through it while it was still a complete boat.


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    Yes, I did too Steve, very claustrophobic inside, damp and cold.

    It seemed very spooky, as it was very quiet outside apart from the wind blowing, passing through the boat.

    Enjoyed it though, and hopefully they will do more work on the inside.

    How small were those crew members?

    I banged my head a couple of times...

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