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Relic Lugers Anyone ?

Article about: Hi I was wondering if anyone had any relic Lugers they could share a photo of ? I just missed buying a relic top half section on Ebay the other day ( so annoyed, my own fault, if you won and

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    Quote by Ryo View Post
    Just curious, what happens if you find a working firearm from a dig.. Is there some rules you have to follow?
    At least here if you found a wartime gun in relic condition you would have to either have it properly deactivated or acquire an appropriate license for it (even if the gun has already been practically deactivated by all the years spent in the ground). Naturally things are different if there is reason to suspect the firearm has been used for a crime relatively recently.


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    Yeah I was surprised it cropped up, mind you it was only the top half, no mag or handle and was bought v quickly

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    thanks' for posting it.

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    Well I was thinking of a firearm that either still in oration due to preservation or could be brought back to opration due to minimal damage. I don't know a lot about firearm laws in Europe.

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