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Some magnet finds part 2

Article about: As you can see, Ive also found some explosive materials, I called local instancy's and they came to clean it up. As far as I know 'magnet fishing' is legal on places where it is aloud to fis

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    Quote by guns ltd View Post
    Did they find anything when they dredged????
    How do they Dredge in europe without finding un-exploded stuff.
    Would be very bad finding a 500lber with a dredge. Would blow it to pieces I would think.
    just wondering.

    They found loads of spigot mortar rounds that had been thrown in the river Chelmer just after the war.

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    Nice drum mag. Should look good in a display, once its cleaned up.
    Always liked those.

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    Very Nice... I just got back from Germany, my magnet was never delivered what a bummer....

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