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Tirpitz relics?

Article about: Hi. There is a well know relic dealer selling Tirpitz relics that were said to have been recovered by a BSAC diver called Peter Cornish. I can't find anything much about Peter Cornish and no

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    Peter Cornish dived on the Halifax wreck now on display at the RAF Museum Hendon . I recall seeing a photo of him in After The Battle magazine and some informationcanbe found here...

    Archie - A Pilot in RAF Bomber Command - Fishing for a Halifax

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    Many thanks Martin, very interesting and appreciated. I'm still trying to find out anything about the rubbish mounds either side of the Tirpitz if anyone find anything. Many thanks

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    This won't be of much help to you, but I've delved into my collection of After The Battle magazines.To be brief, Mr Cornish contributed articles in ATB #2 & 17 describing diving expeditions in Norway ( officially sanctioned ) on the RAF Halifax plus two midget submarines, all involved in operations against Tirpitz. The articles make no mention of specific dives on the Tirpitz itself. The dives took place in 1971 - 1976. Mr Cornish was described at the time as National Coach for the British Sub-Aqua Club ( East Anglian Area ). I can find no further information about him.

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    Many thanks that's interesting and at least a good start. The material on the website that I'm looking at describes the items as being found in 1974 whilst driving for one of the lost midget subs. The material was said to have come from two mounds of deposited material, one either side of the Tirpitz. So the mini subs are mentioned. Since much of the Tirpitz was pretty much gone by then I assume that this is material left behind by the salvagers (some armour and other items are still there) having been left behind or dumped into the sea as there wasn't much interest in this stuff in the 50s.

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