Dear fellow forum members,
once again I need somebody's knowledgeable help.
My query is about this found item.

Unknown badge, Greek millitary (?) ground find

I found this 2x2,5cm aluminum badge with a "coat of arms" of a standing lion and blue and white horizontal bars. My first thought was that this is only a fashion decoration from the '50s maybe, but a WW2 memorabilia collecting friend of mine suggested to ask a friend of his that collects medals and badges about my find.
Now this man thinks this could be a badge of a Greek force that fought offshore either in Northern Africa or the middle East during WW2. The spot I found it is on the once fortified coastline of Eastern Attica, where some battles took place involving allied forces, British mainly with the help of Greek fighters against German and Italian occupation forces.

Has anyone ever seen something like this?
The badge has two "flaps" on it's backside, bent inwards as a way to be attached (sorry I have no photo of the backside but i can take and post one if needed). The metal looks like it was originally "golden", but only little spots kept flakes of colour.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you in advance