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What is Relic Digging and Why We do it!

Article about: I've removed the last 6 replies to this thread as I've had enough of the bickering and arguing. Any more arguing like that and I'll be issuing infractions. Now.........back to the thread. St

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    Default Re: What is Relic Digging and Why We do it!

    Yeah i get your point ant that the best way is here,i will keep my eyes out..thanks!

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    I can say, that as a newbie to this site, I have loads of respect for you guys. And, like the first post said, it's much better that these items are sold to collectors than sitting under the ground and rotting while cheap fakes are made and sold to guys like me. Plus, I know plenty about travelling around in Russia, and that is much more expensive than I see most of these relics going for.


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    I wouldn’t categorize any of you as blackdiggers. Black diggers are a real pain in the arse because they ruin graves and are really agresive, just read a little bit about digging in Latvia, it’s nowadays hard to find something good because of them, that’s why I never tell were I precisely dig, because for example if i would tell were are the jelgava aviation crash sites, then some black digger would take the Tokarevs and badges and sell them. Raul

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    This is a morally very interesting area, I think most people with our hobby if they lived near WW2 battlefields would find the prospect of metal detecting for relics of considerable interest, or looking at old bunkers and fortifications to see where things took place, and what is left today of these places. However, I think for the majority of us there is a thick red line when it comes to exhuming the the remains of the fallen from either side. Those that do this, however, seem to fit into three camps: the legitimate practioners (like Datrus) with some official sanction for removing remains for official burial; the 'black diggers' as described who are chancer/criminals, digging-up remains and relics purely for profit (like the grave robbers of ancient Egypt) and thirdly, the 'faux practitioners' who get a weekend thrill from digging up remains, and who put up a veneer of respectability for disturbing the fallen in the name of 'science' or 'historical research' or to 'rebury the fallen' - it is actually this last group I really dislike the most, they tend to be on the periphery of the official archeologists, and are able to hide their penchant for digging up the dead and disturbing them, but often when you see tv programmes the voyeurism of what they do seeps out and isn't pleasurable to watch. Unfortunately, there is some of that on this website, but for those that are doing the official work, we salute you.

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    I am an American Relic Hunter, for the lack of a better term other than "Amateur Archaeologist". The one thing that law abiding detectorists hate, is those scum we call black diggers. Over in Europe, it is much different from relic hunting in America. The odds of finding a grave site are almost nill, and besides, one couldn't (lawfully) get close to where battlefield graves even are. Here, our biggest problem is trespassers. They'll crawl out of their holes, and detect at night wherever they want, taking and stealing, and often times not even covering their holes. They paint every good and honest relic hunter in a bad light, which really limits how much history we can save before it is forever ruined. That is a crime.

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