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Your digging equipment

Article about: Steve, thanks for that - I will check with the airline but i think it should generally be ok. I will probably post the stuff back and im only intending to pick up uniform parts, etc which ar

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    Default Your digging equipment

    Not about the metal detector, but the digging equipment you use - what do you use?

    Ive been using a basic garden shovel which i know is no good and I wish to upgrade to a better quality kit. any recommendations for a proper tool? i also understand the dangers of unexploded ammo for battlefield archaeology and dont want to use a fork to probe which i know is a no-no. what tools are therefore recommended and where could i get them from? thank you.

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    Default Re: Your digging equipment

    In the past I have used a military surplus folding entrenching tool. This has been both durable and not too heavy.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Your digging equipment

    I'm with Ade, the entrenching tools are great, light and able to fold up into a small size perfect for carrying long distances!



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    Default Re: Your digging equipment

    hi there. i always use a pinpointer when i go digging and i use one of these:
    Bullseye II Pinpointer
    it's easy and saves u a lot of time on those small targets
    You also would like to have one of these:
    Lesche Digging Tool and Treasure Wise digging tools, Andy Sabich's Books at NWI Metal Detectors.
    Perfect tool! good luck

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    Default Re: Your digging equipment

    I will post my tools. It's easier than trying to explain in english

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    Default Re: Your digging equipment


    Ordinary shovel

    Glock folding shovel

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    Default Re: Your digging equipment

    Well I use a 'ladies' garden spade. This is roughly a third smaller than a normal garden spade and is ideal.....decent size head but not TOO big....quite light....

    Steve T

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    Default Re: Your digging equipment

    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    In the past I have used a military surplus folding entrenching tool. This has been both durable and not too heavy.

    Cheers, Ade.
    Oh and Ade don't forget Mr Silvers "Lesser spot beeper bird" that could be heard around the woods of Europe during the mid 1990's


    P. S. When I used to do WWII aircraft recovery, a JCB was the tool of choice. However I always got to stand and watch and not to actually play with the excavator.
    "Now, I've designed this like a collapsing bag ! "

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    Default Re: Your digging equipment

    Many thanks guys.
    Im heading for an overseas dig in Europe.

    Are these stuff allowed on board as a handcarry?
    Not sure if the detector is allowed for handcarry.
    How about the entrenching tools?

    Could someone advice?

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    Default Re: Your digging equipment

    I'd check with the airline mate. Guitars and such like are allowed as hand carry so I am sure if you explain the sensitive nature of your MD they will allow it as hand luggage.

    One thing though......have you thought about how you're going to get stuff back with you ?? By its very nature, a relic from WW2 is going to be metal , (DOH ! Obviously ), heavy, rusty and potentially deemed as 'dangerous' even if it isn't live (which of course you should NEVER take on a plane).

    Whenever I go MDing in Europe, one days digging will yield a good 4 or 5 kilos of stuff. But then again I go by car and ferry so I can transport my finds easily myself. You're going on a plane. That's one hell of an excess baggage charge !

    Also, you need to check to laws relating to MDing in the countries you intend to visit. France is the worst, having VERY strict laws and the power to imprison you if they even find an MD in your car. And I mean imprison you straight away.

    Entrenching tools will be deemed as a weapon and cannot go as hand luggage. They may not even allow them in the cargo hold but I must imagine they will. Check with the airline.

    Best of luck !

    Steve T

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