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American bayonet-original or fake?

Article about: Good afternoon! I wanted to buy an American bayonet. The seller listed it as an American civil war period. But I have my doubts - the brands look like new ones. Tell me-is it original or fak

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    Anything on blade stamped? the form of hook of scabbard could be advise, as some countries used similar and some not, anyway it should be problematic found a origin by non stamping that could help by determining. MRD is correct for M42?
    Strange how is the adapter chanell on spine of handle mashined, looks like filed out on left side?

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    The brand on the blade is indistinct - the first letter is indistinct, the second letter is D. No other brands were found.

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    I believe there could be "GD" maybe english or belgian production? Blade could be delivered by other manufacturer.

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    Possible. If "LD" is Belgium. But on this bayonet-not a clear stamp.

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    Should be compared with belgian other bayonets as the blade lenght is here distinctive, Belgians produced a lot for export, M1842,M1866,M1867 so this could be on of the bayonet to unknown destination.

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