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Which bayonet?

Article about: Hello, I have a bayonet but I'm not sure which type is it. It is an AK74 Bulgarian or a Russian 6X5 type? I think this is the Bulgarian type. Regards, bali028

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    Quote by Alex W View Post

    I've never held a Russian one but my Bulgarian one feels really cheap and nasty.
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    Here is the Russian counterpart, the bayonet AK74 (M1989/6X5) in Lithuanian service.

    Really very, very, rare to find the Lithuanian frogs!!!

    You know this bayonet-frog ?

    The Russian M1989/6X5 and the Bulgarian "NBV" do not differ in quality and workmanship !

    Which bayonet?Which bayonet?

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    Quote by Narcis View Post
    +1: the frog is Russian. Bulgarian frog is black, imo.
    Also the russian ones !
    Bayonets of Russia

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