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    Default bayonets


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    Default Re: bayonets

    The bottom bayonet is Czechoslovakian...I'm not familiar with the other blades....
    cheers, Glenn

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    Default Re: bayonets

    first one looks like a czech bayonet !!

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    Default Re: bayonets

    The first one is a bayonet for the Austro-Hungarian M95 straight pull Mannlicher Rifle. The maker's mark is for August Bickel - Metallwarenfabrik, Thuringen. On the other side of the blade it has what appears to be the acceptance mark of the Austrian First Republic in use from 1918 to 1934.

    The electro-engraved markings on the X-guard are reputed to be Egyptian.

    The second is a run of the mill modern Bowie knife, not a bayonet as I am sure you are aware.

    And, as Glenn said, the third is a bayonet for a M1924 Czech Mauser with the muzzle ring removed. It was made at the Czechoslovakian arms factory at Brno.

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    Default Re: bayonets

    The M1895 is a bulgarian postwar rework, certainly the maker is not confirmed as Bickel, more real are other maker of Austria, the czechoslovak Vz.24 is too in reworked condition.

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    Default Re: bayonets

    Quote by AndyB View Post
    The M1895 is a bulgarian postwar rework
    By "postwar", do you mean post WW2?

    Quote by AndyB View Post
    ........certainly the maker is not confirmed as Bickel...........
    If not August Bickel then can you suggest who? Thanks for any suggestions you can make.

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    Default Re: bayonets

    Here is a link that we use on the K98 forum that has a few lists of codes and Ordnance numbers to identify the lettering seen on the ricasso and scabbard throat area.
    Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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    Default Re: bayonets

    Yes the rework was done post WW2, the AB remain problematic, Antony Carter added this link to August Bickel, but the firm didnt have a large production prior late 1918 and the AB bayonets were made since 1916, there are some other reasons to believe this connection is not correct.

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    Default Re: bayonets

    This the link that I was using for the August Bickel translation:


    Are you sure it was listed by Carter? Or was it John Walter?

    Larry, how does the Sg84/98 Type III marking link work in this case? Don't get me wrong, it is good for what it is but has no connection to the Austro-Hungarian M1895 bayonet.

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