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Crazy Mossin

Article about: My latest aquisition - I mean this long one 43,5cm and I will post some better pics soon

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    Default Crazy Mossin

    My latest aquisition - I mean this long one

    43,5cm and I will post some better pics soon
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Crazy Mossin  

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    Default Re: Crazy Mossin

    When correct so made with SVT38 blade.

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    Quote by AndyB View Post
    When correct so made with SVT38 blade.
    I´m afraid you are not right.
    All the Mossin knives I´ve seen are very massive and heavy - Tokarev blades, on the opposite, are very weak and thiny... So, the similarity of those blades is only visibility - not real.
    Did you tried to put Mossin knife into Tokarev scabbard - its mission impossible!

    Here are my two Mossin knives in comparison - "normal" and the long one:
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Crazy Mossin   Crazy Mossin  

    Crazy Mossin   Crazy Mossin  

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    That is common mistake comes from Kulinski's book (if memory serves well) . Those "blokadniks" weren't made from SVT's bayos. But instead they were made by the same tech, look a like. As far as those are kinda ersatz, made in several small factories across the city, there are several different types. The long ones are very scare among the Leingrad prodaction.

    Nice addition to the collection, will make the owner proud. Congrats!

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    Default Re: Crazy Mossin

    You could be right on this, but i saw some fakes with german blade, the SVT 40 blades or similar shape with typical sidemoved fuller on blade are confirmed. There exist some versions of the Leningrad siege bayonets, the SVT were used because there were not enough SVT rifles for them but enough Mosins. I saw the shape of SVT38 blade too. The siege bayonet with russian M1905 scythe bayonet are the most faked bayonets of russia, because of hard to determine it from real, do You have there the Kirov production stamps on socket?

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    Default Re: Crazy Mossin

    Very nice bayonet !!! I'm looking for long version of Lenningrad
    They made them from not finished blades of SVT bayonets and AVS as well.

    My with short blade of SVT 40
    Crazy Mossin

    I'm collecting Russian and Soviet bayonets.

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    Default Re: Crazy Mossin


    what is exactly you are calling as "M1905 scythe" bayonet?

    Back to my own long Mossin knife - it has no any markings.

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    The Scythe is Russian socket bayonet ( like 1891 Mosin socket) with blade like Scythe. There was mounted wire-cutter on this bayonet.

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    What is it about this rifle that no one can pronounce it right (at least here in the US...) or seemingly even write correctly?

    As Russia 1979points out, it's Mosin, not Mossin. I won't go into local pronunciations or spelling variations...

    Can we really study history if we can't even seem to grasp the spelling of one simple word?

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    Default Re: Crazy Mossin


    You can check here the pronunciation Google Translate. It is correct.

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