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Finnish Valmet Bayonets

Article about: Here are two Valmet bayonets I have in my collection normally these are found with the maker Hackman or Fiskars on them but some are found unmarked

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    If nobody bid on it, I would have offered him half the price

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    I have only three... One unmarked, one Fiskars and one Hackman... I want the other blade profiles too... Well, maybe sooner or later I hope...

    Finnish Valmet Bayonets
    Finnish Valmet Bayonets

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    Now all I need is an unmarked M62 and the family would be complete! ...

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    Quote by OldeSarge View Post
    I have an interesting variant that was picked up in Bosnia back in the 1990s when Finland sent a contingent of soldiers to SFOR. It is a Hackman with a green reindeer leather sheath that is riveted on both sides, unlike any others I have seen, except for the ones being carried in Bosnia. I thought I would share it with the group.

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    Finland Valmet RK62 Bayonet - YouTube

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