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LF&C Trench Knife

Article about: Any help please regarding this Trench Knife . Authenticity? Thank you

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    Default LF&C Trench Knife

    Any help please regarding this LF&C Trench Knife . Authenticity?
    Thank you
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture LF&C Trench Knife   LF&C Trench Knife  

    LF&C Trench Knife   LF&C Trench Knife  

    LF&C Trench Knife  
    Attached Images Attached Images LF&C Trench Knife  LF&C Trench Knife  LF&C Trench Knife 

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    Default IMHO, a wholly original set.

    Greetings Pat,

    Both knife & scabbard appear wholly original to my eyes, and in the condition that most examples that remained in Europe (i.e. stayed there after WWI) always appear to be in. That is, the original finish has simply worn off from age and most likely, handling; turning into that reflective silvery white-ish color the metal surfaces currently present (obviously, a tad over-exaggerated by the camera's flash). Again, if I'm in Europe (or viewing a European based online militaria dealer's site) that's exactly condition-wise what I'd expect to view for sale at an online dealer/militaria show based there. It remains a solid, complete example (though, to be fair, I cannot determine if all of the scabbard's rivets are in place).

    On the other hand, if I viewed that same knife at a USA based online dealer/militaria-show I'd still believe in the pair's originality, but I would hold off purchasing as there are plenty to be had in better condition on this side of the pond. And regardless of the asking price (stateside that is) it is far better to wait for a better condition example to appear than to pull the trigger on this one. If I was in Europe, this is an average condition pairing; in the states, it would be considered in poor condition to a serious (again, US based) collector.

    I understand, it is a bit of a lottery to get these styles of knives into Europe as such, it may be a solid means to acquire an original example if it was already being offered for sale there. I can only imagine the expense of shipping from the US, custom taxes/fees let alone the border control agents who will save humanity by keeping these vicious objects from their shores when ordered from a Stateside vendor. Of course, depending on your home country, your milage may vary.

    Hope that all made/makes sense.


    V/r Lance

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    Looks original to me as well. I agree with previous comment on condition and would be interested understand the challenges of collecting these types of items on the other side of the pond if that is where your are.

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    Thank you

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    Thank you for your help . And yes it’s difficult to find some better ones on this side of the pond ,.I’ll wait . Best .P

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