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Please help identify sword bayonet

Article about: Hello! Yesterday I have seen strange "sword bayonet". I'm not even sure if that's true bayonet... I do not see button or spring on it's handle. I have never seen anything like it b

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    I sow this item again, in the store, on past Sunday and do some photos.
    MRD ~ 18.7 mm
    Please help identify sword bayonet
    Unfortunately, I don't have the book NOUVEL ATLAS DE LA BAIONNETTE DE COLLECTION, VOL. 3
    Pleasure, can you add photo of #1983 if it possible?

    I do not have enough comprehensive guide like:
    German Knife and Sword Makers: The Definitive Directory of Makers and Marks from 1850 To 1945 J. Anthony Carter, Henning Ritter
    but in sources available for me not mentioned anywhere like:
    "EW" can abbreviation mark Ernst Wilhelm, Suhl...
    Do you have other information?
    And on my opinion the font of letters "EW" from this bayonet is untypical for marks of German makers from 1850-1860...
    How do you think?
    Please help identify sword bayonet
    Also some parts are obviously sloppy.
    It is not inherent for German bayonet's makers...
    Please help identify sword bayonet
    So currently I'm leaning towards the fact that this is an old high-quality replica of the 70s...
    Please help identify sword bayonetPlease help identify sword bayonet

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    Firstly i dont have the Atlas book, so i only referr what reported the german collector.
    Secondly the EW is confirmed on prussian M1862 bayonet, that mentioned he on forum. He have full name marking E.Wilhelm Suhl. The handle is special material cast, so the ribs could be mashined lately and are not exactly nice done, the blade looks ok here, same as the tang is overstamped on pommel for long time. On Your piece there is nr.2 on pommel visible here. The blade is identical as on other piece. MRD 18,7 could be for different caliber rifle of same system, which means nothing. Carter book is not good source for maker marking, mainly by similar small number bayonets, other point is 30/40 years old. There exist various branches, and this would be most real a proof or a local piece. Made a replica of a unknown bayonet has no real background for me.
    E.Wilhelm Suhl is confirmed on S1871 in oval form, on older Faschinenmesser around 1850/60 are in straight form, on some with shortage only, mainly on sockets.
    Germany: German (Prussia) M 1871 bayonet by E.WILHELM-SUHL, Unit marked. (ABCN129)(K366)(JN78-1)
    I assume the handle is a nickel alloy called german silver.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Please help identify sword bayonet   Please help identify sword bayonet  

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    I would tend to opinion the barell ring here was not fully mashined, which could be one of the explanation, looks like there is line around the ring, same as in the picture nr.6 it looks like cast areas inside the ring, possible the ring was not mashined fully to corect diameter, question remains it was nicely cylindrical the MRD?
    Please help identify sword bayonet

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    The fact the crossguard is cast and not machined (and rather thin) all points to the original opinion that this is at best a dress side arm never intended to be mounted on a rifle. All we've heard otherwise is speculation.

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    I believe this means nothing as french M1840 have cast crossguard too, this is a german nickel alloy cast, which was used on small german country local branches, as visible in books of Ruediger, personally i dont believe here is the area for research similar bayonets, not enough information avialable, as these are small number of bayonets from half of 19.century. The dress version would have no reason to make a channel in handle. The presented german piece is marked on same place as here 2 with 11. The Ljus member piece would be nice to hear where it was found but i assume its probably Europe.
    E.Wilhelm,Suhl is reported lately on PFM1865/71 and S1871 with 74 date, also early piece, since that is no reported in german forum of any use of this maker, so the date should be correct for 1850-74. In this timeframe should be looked.

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    "The dress version would have no reason to make a channel in handle." Except it's not uncommon for a dress version to have a faux mortice slot, for example the KS98.

    This bayonet could even be a theatre prop.

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