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"Sturmmesser" Wiener Waffenfabrik

Article about: Hi, A few days ago I bought this Austro-Hungarian combat knife M1917, aka. "Sturmmesser". The knife has probably been stored poorly for many decades, but the blade is still in very

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    Quote by nachomenorca View Post
    Nice knives!!! I have a WMF marked one too but can't find the acceptance mark in the crossguard but has two unidentified dots in the upper crossguard


    Hi, Nacho,
    it looks like the acceptance mark was even stamped twice on the underside of the crossguard of your knife.

    "Sturmmesser"  Wiener Waffenfabrik

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    Thanks Reibert for the response, anyway the twin dots are on the upper side of the crossguard, nice to know you think they are acceptance marks



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    Nacho its WWF for Wiener Waffen Fabrik also not WMF, secondly R. is probably correct the strange dots could be small acceptance on crossguard, normally they are larger, but it should be magnyfying by special glass to see details in this case winged eagle with crown.
    To R. the damaged small R is part of damaged Simon Redtenbacher marking which was represented by letters SR joined together, unfortunally this stamp with damaged upper S was used for longer time evidently as many similar piece existed.

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    Thanks AndyB for correction on the name of the maker, yes WWF not WMF, I will try to get a photo of these two dots to see what they are.



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    I took some close ups of these dots, first one I think is nothing more than a corrosion/deteriorate of the steel, the second one seems more like a mark, maybe is the acceptance one?

    Thanks for your opinions

    "Sturmmesser"  Wiener Waffenfabrik"Sturmmesser"  Wiener Waffenfabrik
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    Yes the second one could be austrian doubble eagle, but probably already damaged with missing parts of stamp.

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    Thanks AndyB for confirm that it could be the acceptance mark

    All the best


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