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Article about: Here some pic´s of the Armalite AR10-bayonet, made for the Sudan:

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    the tool:


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    The Interarmco from internet sources is a retail firma of Sam Cummings, so named prior 1967, later renamed to Interarms. The firm delivered mainly the AR10 rifles but already all equipment for this rifle i assume, question is who in reality made the bayonets?. Some years there was opinion Hubertus made it, but i dont known its confirmed or not. Question is even this would be delivered to Sudan, as in this condition is not real a combat using, more real remained in depots or never delivered there.

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    Collectors differentiate between two models of the "Sudan Bayonet" based on their designs.
    The first series was probably manufactured in 1959 and delivered to Sudan. A slightly improved version was produced in 1960...

    Some AR-10s are said to have been delivered to Cuba and Sudan, and a few more went to Burma. Portugal probably acquired 1,200 pieces.

    A very experienced collector colleague once wrote:
    The manufacturer of the AR10 "Sudan" bayonet is most likely Eikhorn.
    However, I also read that Eickhorn is said to have explained the following:
    Eickhorn stated that they could not confirm if they made the AR10 bayonet for Interarms as their records were incomplete.

    It doesn't matter whether the manufacturer is Eickhorn, Hubertus, Hörster or AI (Artillerie-Inrichtingen).
    Possibly actually a requirement from Interarmco not to mark a manufacturer on the edged weapon? ...
    The Interarmco company logo could actually have been confused with the Hubertus company logo.
    They are similar, even if only approximately...

    I cannot say whether these bayonets were actually delivered to Sudan or whether they actually remained in the depots in Europe and were then later sold on the "civilian" market.
    In fact, they were intended for use there, for which stamping in "Roman" numerals as well as numbering with numerals in "Arabic" are known.

    This bayonet model has been and is described in many places but there is still a lot to be clarified and verified about this edged weapon!



    ArmaLite AR10 Sudanese Bayonet – The Armourers Bench

    The AR-10 Story | An Official Journal Of The NRA

    Surplus Zone: ArmaLite AR-10 Sudanese Bayonet - YouTube
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    Quote by Reibert View Post
    An auction for a "Sudan" bayonet is currently underway in a German online auction house.
    The auction doesn't end until March 5th and the bayonet currently costs 537.00 Euros
    I'm curious to see how people in Germany currently estimate the price for such a model! ...

    After consulting with the owner, I received permission from her to publish the pictures of the bayonet with the serial number 1714 here.
    The bayonet is equipped with a leaf spring catch.
    The coil spring lock is also known for this bayonet.
    The bayonet was auctioned today for EUR 739 (USD 796 / GBP 634).

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