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US M9 Bayonet Fun

Article about: Sharing a few variations of the modern, maybe too modern for this thread, US M9 bayonet. They are interesting to collect the different variations in maker, finish, color, scabbard variations

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    As service weapons, rhey've seen active service with the army in Iraq, Afghanistan, East Timor, The Solomons etc etc-very collectable if you're interested in Australian military history or bayonets in general.

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    The M9 bayonets are one of the most under rated collectibles I believe. Particularly the Phrobis / Buck versions, there are numerous generations and variations, limited runs and commercial versions - All no longer manufactured ending production around 1997. I personally have about 20 odd Buck / Phrobis examples, including a couple of the Aussie M9's .... Which can and will command prices over $1,000 AUD based on condition. A poor condition Aussie M9 will get $600-700 AUD on eBay alone

    Some Buck / Phrobis variations & limited runs command huge dollars such as the Chevron (1st Gen) or the USMC. Then there are the Buck commercial symbol dated releases, some years there were as few as 500 made.

    The more typical Phrobis versions are the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Generations, at times the seller may not know what generation they have and some great bargains can be purchased.

    ................. GREAT M9 collection displayed and GREAT to see a thread on the M9 bayonets.
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