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Jim Atwood Biography by Kenneth Alford

Article about: Book Review; JIM ATWOOD, by Kenneth Alford Privately published November 2018, ISBN 9781729167939. Available on Amazon at a reasonable price. In the Forward to the book the writer acknowledge

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    I received my copy earlier this week and so far the read is quite interesting and is actually helping put many pieces of a puzzle together that I have been missing for years in regards to some of Atwood's "competition" so to speak.

    The chapter on Berlin was most interesting especially for me since I was stationed in Berlin and I remember going to the outside markets (flea markets) and antique shops yearning to find Third Reich memorabilia, but many were at first hesitant to reveal what they had under their tables at the markets or behind the curtains in the shops in West Berlin due to it being illegal to sell or possess items with the swastika.. Most of what I saw was original but then shop owners would remove the swastikas right before your eyes.

    Flea markets were also interesting and vendors had to be cautious due to the uniformed Polizei as well as plain clothes Polizei officials walking around..

    I recall a time when my wife went to a flea market in Ludwigshafen and she asked a vendor (very quietly) if he had any TR related items and he told her (again quietly) that he had things under his table and to come back a little later after the crowd had dispersed. She went back and she was able to purchase several Arbietsbooks and Wehrpasses for a few bucks...

    Looking forward to continuing this interesting read...


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    I just posted my copy of Atwood's dagger book (First Edition 3rd Printing 1970) in the reference library. Also interesting to see that when Atwood was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army he made it abundantly obvious and made sure he updated his later printings of his dagger book in order for everyone to know of his promotion...A pattern that other authors would also follow in regards to their promotions up the chain...

    Interesting to be able to read the Atwood book posted here and refer back to his Dagger book. Also interesting to have read about the frictions with another author who was writing a dagger book around the same time as Atwood and was also in the US Army, Major John Angolia..


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