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Achtung ! Leopard !

Article about: well mate thats why i work for the yanks i get to play with tanks for damn good money the brits dont pay ,, and to much heALTH AN SAFETY ballocks believe it or not ,the health and safety exe

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    Default Achtung ! Leopard !

    Gents.....see this superb video, great footage of the Leopard and the Russian T80/90.....The second video is definatly Not a VW promo ! + drag race ! Enjoy... ‪leopard 2 vs T-90‬‏ - YouTube
    ....... ‪VW Tiguan vs Leopard 2 A6, Leopard 2 destroyed VW Tiguan‬‏ - YouTube ... also ‪T72 vs Leopard 1 tank race‬‏ - YouTube Prost ! Steve.

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    Default Re: Achtung ! Leopard !

    This one is in English.... ‪[Leopard 2] Titans of Justice (HD)‬‏ - YouTube .....note the female Panzer crews ! outstanding !.....
    Prost ! Steve.

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    Default Re: Achtung ! Leopard !

    odd that the german army will allow women to serve


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    Default Re: Achtung ! Leopard !

    Tom, see here for the story.... Women in the Bundeswehr.
    Prost ! Steve.

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    Default Re: Achtung ! Leopard !

    as a tank crewman ,ie gunner ,loader and driver mechanic ,since i was 18 now 52
    i have to say i loved tese vids
    god i love tanks
    all the best from graf germany where im still working on m1a1 abrahms and m2a2 bradleys
    m60 bridge layers ,,m109 paldin and m992 catt ,
    i just cant stay away from tanks ,,sad i know
    cheers ian

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    Default Re: Achtung ! Leopard !

    Nice vidios good to see the leopards in action, i can remember watching the Leopards and Chiefton tanks firing at targets on Honne tank ranges, great sight to see.

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    Default Re: Achtung ! Leopard !

    good old honne ,,always raining
    saultoue oh that red sand in the cornd dog butty
    oep220 flavure yea miss it
    spearpoint,reforger ,up in the hearts ,well allover north middle germany
    thoes were the days
    someone call damage controle eh
    just ran over someones car with my chieftain
    yep those wre the days
    cheers ian

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    Default Re: Achtung ! Leopard !

    Hi Ian,
    Made me laugh about the chiefton running over the car lol, i liked that area i was on attachmant to the german army but had great days. there was 700 germans and five brits, but they took us everywhere we wanted to go, the round house at Cella had a few visits.

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    Default Re: Achtung ! Leopard !

    Dave if you only new
    the things we did ,,got away with
    my first student ,driver training mk6 CHIEFTAIN ran over a trafic light
    every thing ,pole ,lights the lot
    the new chalenger drivers 1982
    believe me the damage was something to see
    i parked my chally 1 on top of an ornamental fish pond in some unfortunate germans back garden
    and many pub car parks suffered from 52 tons of chieftain or 64 tons of chally 1
    those realy were the days
    cheers ian

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    Default Re: Achtung ! Leopard !

    Hi ian,
    Great mate i would have loved to have seen them not much left of the traffic light i suppose,lol.
    Crazy times, I had a charley G, in my section and a chiefton ran over it, i gave the guy a bollocking
    for leaving it on the ground it couldnt fire a peanut after that. we used to scroung lifts with the chieftons to save walking, great guys many years ago now but sometimes still miss the fun.

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