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Cutter Bolt

Article about: Hi, mates, bought this Bundeswehr bolt cutter a few weeks ago, (design with "duckbill"), because I just found it interesting. The cutter bolt is marked with the manufacturer (?) lo

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    Default Cutter Bolt

    Hi, mates,

    bought this Bundeswehr bolt cutter a few weeks ago, (design with "duckbill"), because I just found it interesting.

    The "cutter bolt" is marked with the manufacturer (?) logo COMBI, the NSN (National Stock Number) 5110-12-121-5425 is stamped underneath.

    The two handles of the bolt cutters are covered with Bakelite to protect against electric shocks.

    The bolt cutter is painted green.

    The NSN consists of three parts:
    The group class, (4 digits), the country code, (2 digits), and, another identification number of 3 + 4 digits.

    NSN 5110-12-121-5425 probably means the following:
    Group: 51
    class: 10
    Country code / National Codification Bureau (NCB) code), (translated: Code of the National Coding Bureau): 12
    Serial number: 121-5425

    The country code 12 stands for Germany.

    Such a BW bolt cutter can certainly still be found in abundance at flea markets, at stock exchanges, in internet auctions, and, and, and...

    Nevertheless, this piece of equipment should also be shown here in the forum (I think).

    best regards,
    Cutter BoltCutter BoltCutter BoltCutter BoltCutter BoltCutter BoltCutter BoltCutter BoltCutter Bolt

    NATO Stock Number - WikiLeaks

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    Interesting West German or German item. I would have thought it was more of a wire cutter than bolt cutter. Does not like look like it has enough power to cut bolts or locks. I would assume the bakelite insulation is also why it is a wire cutter. Is there not a direct translation of bolt vs wire?

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    This is actually a Bolzenschneider (bolt cutter) / SCHNEIDER, BOLZEN.

    The NSN states, that this is a piece of equipment from the Bundeswehr.

    Without a doubt, it can also be used as a wire cutter.

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    Same design as ww2 wire cutter so I can see these being passed off as earlier. A nice item, thanks for showing it.
    But I feel there is more barbed wire on the battlefield than bolts...
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    I refer to the NSN

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