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"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")

Article about: Hi, mates, I searched the forum regarding a thread regarding the " Kampfmesser Infanterie " , but, I didn´t find any single one ! ... The " KM2000 ", ( " Kampfmesse

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    How do you like the serrated edge on the lower half of the blade? I find serrated blades good for cutting rope, but less disirable than a non-serrated edge for other purposes. It may have advantages for a combat knife like the Kampfmesser, but I really don't know anything about knife combat. I have a pocket knife with the lower half of the edge serrated, and I don't like the serrations. For sharpening pencils, opening boxes, whittling, scraping battery terminals, and other common uses the serrations are a bother.

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    tanto tip, not appealing for sure, but devastating when on the business end of it!!

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    Serrations aren´t that "desirable" for a "Bushcrafter", I know ...

    But, in particular combat situations, they´re useful actually ...

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    Quote by Richard2 View Post
    How do you like the serrated edge on the lower half of the blade? I find serrated blades good for cutting rope, but less disirable than a non-serrated edge for other purposes.

    I completely agree with you. With the majority of outdoor tasks serrated is not the best choice. I especially chose this serrated model because I need to be able to cut through (climbing-) ropes and webbing (of climbing harnesses, tactical equipment and protective gear) when needed, which is hard without a serrated edge especially under wet circumstances.

    Kind regards

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    Another "Kampfmesser Zwotausend", maker:


    "Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")

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    "Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")

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    Here are pictures of a KM2000 at the end of its life...

    In many places, these combat knives stayed in the soldiers' lockers because there was simply no need for them in the field or in combat.

    In some places, however, this "KM Zwotausend" was actually in use and if so, then excessively ...

    The paratroopers of the Bundeswehr have a witty saying:
    "The bigger the knife, the stupider the paratrooper !"
    "Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")

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    There was no KM2000 requested here in the forum, apart from my own posts (at least I couldn't find any other posts about "KM Zwotausend" here in the WRF).

    Sure, the KM2000 is definitely also a very common surplus item in the States, but I still really like this knife because the KM2000 also has various distinguishing features.

    I've given some away myself, but there are still several copies lying around in various boxes.

    Here´re a few copies of these knives (I have no idea how many of these knives I still have lying around somewhere.

    "Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")

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    A few days ago I bought another KM2000 / "Kampfmesser Zwotausend" / "Kampfmesser Infanterie" in another forum, although I actually already have more than enough combat knives of this model in my collection. ...

    Also this "Kampfmesser Zweitausend" from the manufacturer and outfitter of the Bundeswehr:
    Borkott & Eickhorn

    First of all, I noticed that there is not only a single diamond sharpening plate glued to the sheath (as is usual with the KM2000), but actually three !
    I asked the seller if he had installed the additional sharpening plates himself, which he said no.
    He informed me that he had already received the knife in this condition.

    Since the knife appears absolutely unused and there are no signs of use or signs of storage, I assume that this could possibly be a manufacturing defect ? ...

    I also noticed that this knife does not come with snaps from the manufacturer STOCKO / STOCK & CO /
    but have the PRYM stamp.
    (PRYM GROUP Stolberg, Rheinland).

    All in all, the KM2000 is not an "all-round bushcraft knife" but was developed exclusively for military, infantry use !

    These knives are usually delivered with a "Trägerplatte" made of polyamide, which extends the locking of the combat knife to the equipment.

    Some "veteran" soldiers in the Bundeswehr only know their KM2000 without this adapter plate made of plastic! ...

    BTW, the first version of the KM2000 was manufactured with a blade tip in a "simple" "Tanto shape".
    Tantō (短刀) means "short sword" in Japanese.

    It is in the nature of things that the "Kampfmesser Zwotausend" was not only manufactured for the Bundeswehr, but also for the "civilian" market.

    This video briefly describes the production of the KM2000.
    This is already the production series of the combat knife with a "modified" "Tanto blade".
    KM2000 - Das Kampfmesser der Bundeswehr - YouTube

    "Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")
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    The KM2000 is said to have been issued for the first time in 2003 to the Bundeswehr parachute troops and for testing in Bundeswehr missions abroad.

    The "Kampfmesser Zwotausend" shown here is said to be a knife from the "First Lot" / "1st Pattern" which was procured by the Bundeswehr (no serial/inventory number on the blade).

    To protect against corrosion and reflection, the blade is equipped with a blackened blade using a Kalgard coating.

    The blade is made of 440A steel (DIN 1.4110)

    The blade has a "Tanto" tip and has a partial serrated edge in the rear area which is intended, for example, for cutting ropes, belts and cables.

    The handle of the knife is made of impact-resistant, glass fiber reinforced polyamide and the carrying system is made of Cordura fabric.
    The knife's carrying system allows it to be attached to the M.O.L.L.E. and attached to the IDZ (BW carrying and protection system).
    It is also possible to carry it with the handle "downward" as the blade is secured in the sheath by a spring if it accidentally slips out.

    A "re-sharpening plate" is attached to the sheath.

    The ergonomically designed handle has a grooved thumb rest on the guard element.
    The knob is equipped with a "glass breaker" ("window breaker") aka "skull crusher".
    This is the tang that protrudes beyond the handle knob.

    NATO supply number: 1095-12-355-6742

    "Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")"Kampfmesser Zwotausend" ("KM2000")
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