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My West German Helmet

Article about: Gents it would appear that after 1981 it was intended that all steel helmet models were to be upgraded. this list shows all variants of the basic M60/62, sorry for any mistakes, as I have ha

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    Default My West German Helmet

    Recived this today along with my HJ arm band...good day all round...

    Thanks to Volksjager on this lid!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My West German Helmet   My West German Helmet  

    My West German Helmet   My West German Helmet  

    My West German Helmet   My West German Helmet  

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    Default Re: My West German Helmet

    What a nice looking helmet

    Gald you like it


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    Default Re: My West German Helmet

    Nice helmet stand too!!!

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    Default Re: My West German Helmet

    looks like the steel shell & liner is marked a 57 - 61 nice large size helmet

    it looks like the model M60 / 85 judging by the extra rivet on the side of the helmet

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    Default Re: My West German Helmet

    Yeh it fits me comfortably and ima size 60.... Thsnks for the info on the lid....will look good with my two NVA and 3 BGS.....not going crazy on these, just wanted one!!!! Though a GSG 9 might be nice....I almost have at least one example of every German helmet between 1917 to the 80's

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    Default Re: My West German Helmet

    I just love the fact they seem to have used the same liner style, with some modification since WW2.. Spose if it ain't broke don't fix it....and even though it's based on the US M1, it still looks german

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    Default Re: My West German Helmet

    AMTG... In February 1981 the model M62 helmet had been in service with the Bundeswehr for nearly 20 years, and in line with the modernising of the Bundeswehr around this date, they were given a new interior, and a unique plastic neck protector, designated the M1A1 "Modifiziert" Stahlhelm. In 1985, helmets were upgraded to 3 points of support for the chinstrap, this model is referred to as the M62/85, as battle gear has stated... yours would appear to be such a helmet. The helmet, in this guise, then went on to the early 90's, when it was finally replaced by the M826 kevlar Gefechtshelm. In 1991 a cammo "Flecktarn" cover was issued, reversible to white, this was the first camouflage cover officially issued by the Bundeswehr in its entire history ! Its a good size, thanks for showing.....the net does not appear to be of Bundeswehr origin, see here, my M62 with U.S. Woodland cover and BW net affixed to it.....
    Prost ! Steve.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My West German Helmet  
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    Default Re: My West German Helmet

    they are a really good helmet, i was issued one when attached to the Jager Regt in 79-80. Pitty i had to hand it in after.
    thanks for showing it.

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    Default Re: My West German Helmet

    Thankyou for that very concise's amazing how long it took to revert to camouflage, seeings the germans pretty much perfected it 60 years earlier!!!
    This is the way that volksjager recieved the helmet from a friend who was ex bundeswher...So as for the net, it is contemporary with the that you mention it, could the net be of NVA origin??? I like the neck protecter on it....
    I had to hand in my Kevlar whrn I was med discharged from the aussie army, luckily I had two, one issued for east Timor in 1999, and a updated version for Iraq in 2005..I handed in my Iraq helmet in Kuwait on the way back, so I had officially handed in the helmet that was on my Q record....whrn I discharged they asked me about the helmet, and I said it was handed into on my demob from Iraq, and they signed off on it!!! So I still have my first's amazing how soldiers get attached to their helmets

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    Default Re: My West German Helmet

    Google Translate

    Note that with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reconciliation of the two Germanys in the early 90s many of the nets used by East Germany were used in the new German army helmets on M-1A1 .

    These nets are made of plastic and are attached to the hull using 10 small hooks, evenly distributed around the circumference of the net.

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