We have a great new collector who has just started his own SSA (Single Seller Auction) with us.

It is also in our 6th "NO RESERVE PRICE" day! So none of his lots have a Reserve Price. We do this only a few times in the year.

Please check out his new auction: Medals & Collectables of Past Conflicts

Amazing New Collector With His Own Auction!!

At Catawiki if you are a collector or dealer with a large supply of high quality items, and can supply at least 25 lots per week, or if you prefer just a monthly auction of 50 lots, you can request an SSA (Single Seller Auction). This means basically that you get your own auction with just your items in it. There is no extra costs involved with this and can lead to other benefits such as a VIP contract which you receive a reduction in commissions.

If you are a collector and believe that you have such supply and are looking to trim it down, or are a dealer and looking to expand your reach of your current sales (Catawiki has over 15 Million visitors per month!) and interested in an SSA, then please PM me and I would be more than happy to discuss it with you.