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Womens services cap badges

Article about: Good afternoon gents, I thought I might start a new subject thread for my 1000th post and I couldn't find this subject in particular (sorry if there is one, maybe we might amalgamate if appr

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    One comment about the FANY in WW2. There were actually two distinct organizations for the FANY. The first , which is assumed to have incorporated all, were those that joined the ATS, and if they joined the ATS prior to September of 1941 they were allowed to wear the "Women's Transport Service FANY" title. Many young ladies joined the ATS with the expectation of getting to wear the WTS FANY title, only to learn that had they not been a FANY prior they would not be allowed to wear it. Then, there was the other group of FANYs who called themselves the "Free FANY" and who those ladies who remained 100% FANY. Both served with distinction in WW2. The FANY is still around today as "The Princess Anne Volunteer Corps" (that is a cap badge that has been very tough to obtain, so if anybody know of one I am sure interested!!!).

    Here are two versions of the WTS FANY title, one on khaki and one on a light creme-buff.

    This officer is wearing the light-creme buff title.


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    Very interesting thread, gentlemen. Thank you! I really enjoyed reading through all of it and the histories of the groups.


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