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Article about: F.B. Reichenbach is about 10 km (6 miles) away from me. If you want, I'll make a photo of the building. If it is still standing.

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    They sell this thingy, which I have an old one, but this one is more practical. It is to measure the size of a cap, which has its merits.MuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrik

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    Quote by stonemint View Post
    Interesting site:
    Quite amazing Chris! I'm sure many interesting facts could be obtained from looking through the company's books!

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    I have a feeling they are supplying Janke and the guy who now holds the Erel trademark. I wouldn't mind buying that measuring device myself (it is a pain in the a__ trying to use a measuring tape!)

    Here is a wartime stamp of theirs:
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Muetzenfabrik  
    “Show me the regulation, and I’ll show you the exception.”

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    I assume this is from an Effekten shop....
    Attached Images Attached Images Muetzenfabrik 
    “Show me the regulation, and I’ll show you the exception.”

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    Through a miracle of the present age, one can offer to the readership here a puzzle that should knock dogma and doctrine with this stuff off of its tired, old trunions. Namely, in the bi weekly circulars of the RZM, much was made by the pains in the a## in brown shirts, who reigned in the Schwanthalerstrasse. of those vendors/license holders silly and or whacky enough to screw up with the RZM regime. Somehow these persons and firms had gotten crosswise with the regulation that would make you Ayn Rand devotees go to Gant's Gulch for good. In fact, the aw sh!ts make by far the most interesting reading in contrast to the minutiae of textiles and hardware.

    In particular, I attach here a list of the cap firms on an industrial basis and the cap makers on an artisan basis who LOST THEIR LICENSES in what must have been the past whatever, month or quarter, or year or whatever. Such lists appeared every two weeks....I write again, every two weeks.

    Since I own the Handbuch d RZM, these listings make me wonder whether the book, itself, is so terribly reliable. I mean, the attrition with this this stuff was pretty remarkable.

    In any case, read and then take a deep breath, and the next time some wise and experienced collector posts one of these crafted lists of "makers," then you might take it with a large grain of salt, nicht wahr?MuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrik

    Nor is this all the a2 license holders who fell out in said period, as I have included roughly half the page. There is a whole page.

    So what happened to the licenses numbers that were withdrawn, were they later reassigned, whereby then different vendors used the same number as time passed, so that we really don't know for sure what these numbers mean. You would have to cull through the whole ten plus years of the Mitteilungsblaetter to noodle it out, versus the prized ownership of the nifty book....which is a good door stop.MuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrik

    Thanks to my friend Robert H for some nice images.
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    So much for this fetish with maker x versus maker least as RZM numbers. And you fakers out there, don't use these numbers, either, or we will get you.MuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrik

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    There are more unknown unknowns here, and you won't find them on the popular site, that is for bloody sure.MuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrik

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    Some further data as concerns SS headwear from the RZM in the years 1934 and 1935. You won't find this information on other websites, and the Lubstein love that dare not speak its name club does not understand.....MuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrikMuetzenfabrik

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    Here from the summer of 1935, the introduction of the new cap for the political leaders of the NSDAP, whereby the floppy and jaunty models of yore go aglimmering in favor of the erect version.Muetzenfabrik in der Sattelform.
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    The rise of Ersatzstoffe in said caps was a feature of later in 1935, even before the advent of the Four Year Plan.Muetzenfabrik

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