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Need help on WW2 German Officer's uniforms

Article about: Hello, I have a WW2 German Infantry officer tunic and trousers. I have researched several sites for a visor cap to go with the set. All of the visor caps that I have found are a lighter shad

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    Is my uniform not correct?

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    Circuit advertisement Need help on WW2 German Officer's uniforms
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    Your uniform and cap are good.
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    Yes, all good pieces. It is not unusual to see Reithose with infantry units since they may have had horse drawn artillery or other elements such as observation detachments. I would like to see a closer photo of the Edelweiss. My reference to the patch being "applied" jives with your story if indeed the wearer was transferred. NH

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    Need help on WW2 German Officer's uniformsIf you examine color pictures of the epoch, the variation of field grey is the norm.

    Your things are authentic and have their patina and should give you pleasure.

    Your concern about the variation in color arises, in my view, from the idiot dogmatism of the on line blow hard, who is a victim himself or herself of over standardization and oversynchronization.

    I have a Hoffman cap myself for infantry, and it is quite similar.

    I am not an expert in Gebirgsjaeger, so I will defer to those who are.

    Happy collecting.

    Oops, the picture is akimbo, but you get my drift.
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    There is also nothing wrong with the shape of the cap or its sweatband with the velvet Einlage. It is a very nice piece.

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    Need help on WW2 German Officer's uniformsNeed help on WW2 German Officer's uniformsNeed help on WW2 German Officer's uniformsNeed help on WW2 German Officer's uniformsTo expand on my point, certain of the hat savants have assumed that a given make of cap contains specific traits on the pattern of products made by globalized corporations in the here and now. This generalization is sometimes true, to be sure.

    However, the Fa. C. Wagner in Braunschweig/Hamburg made black SS officer caps, and I own several of these. The data suggests that the firm also subcontracted out the work

    to other firms, whereby a standardization as in, say, a 2013 Kia automobile, would not be present. I can show you a variety of Fa. Wagner caps made more or less in the

    year 1938 or so which vary among the extant examples in a significant way.

    It is a uniform, of course, but what was considered to be uniform in the epoch and what a beginner considers uniform today are two different things.

    I am always irritated to see nice things falsely run into the ground by persons whose reach exceeds their grasp when it comes to knowledge.

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    The variations are what make collecting so much of a hoot with these things.

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    Friedrich-Berthold what type of visor cap is the darker gray one in the pic you posted?

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