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Grandfathers collection.

Article about: by navyman but have not yet seen an original. Has anyone got a picture of a real one for comparison? They are fantasy items, which only existed in the 4th Reich

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    Default Grandfathers collection.

    These are a few pictures of my grandfathers collection. These items he has required over the past 20 years. He had a collection of items he had collected for nearly 50 years but the entire collection burned in a fire.

    I will put up more detailed pictures later. He has some very interesting items.

    Please enjoy! Reagan
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Grandfathers collection.   Grandfathers collection.  

    Grandfathers collection.   Grandfathers collection.  

    Grandfathers collection.   Grandfathers collection.  

    Grandfathers collection.  

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    Default Re: Grandfathers collection.

    A very nice collection your grandfather has put together. I have my doubts about the SS flag. However, everything else seems to be top notch material.


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    Default Re: Grandfathers collection.

    If this is the collection he has after the fire, then i can only image what it would have been before.
    What a terrible shame that it got lost in the fire

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    Default Re: Grandfathers collection.

    Reagan , welcome to the forum that`s an incredible arsenal of weapons your grandad has there ! i dread to think what he lost in the fire ! look forward to seeing some more i`m greedy

    cheers Al

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    Default Re: Grandfathers collection.

    Excellent collection,
    Look forward to more pictures and some details of the rarer items. So sad about the fire. I noticed the extinguisher in one photo which reminds me to check all three of mine. Call me paranoid if you like but I dont know what I'd do if I lost even my (small by comparison) collection?
    Best Regards,

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    Default Re: Grandfathers collection.

    Thank you for the comments everyone! I am going to take more pictures tonight!

    Now... someone said something about the SS flag. Which one? The triangular banner? I would like to know if the banner is real or not, because I cannot find one like it anywhere. Any help would be appreciated!

    Tonight or tommorow I will put up more pictures on another thread... The pictures you see are a couple years old, the room is a little cleaned up now. He also has some various items He and I could use help on in finding out if they are real or not.

    Thank You! Reagan

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    Default Re: Grandfathers collection.

    WOW !

    My grandad had a collection of cigarette cards ..... if only he had had something like this !

    Superb stuff.

    Steve T

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    Default Re: Grandfathers collection.

    Oh I dream of such a play-room! (doubt ill include a treadmill though, too much like effort) Cheers for the pictures, the sorry story of the fire reminds me not to include any live tracer rounds in any collection though! Just in case!


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    Default Re: Grandfathers collection.

    That treadmills about to go...
    I hope you all are enjoying the pics... like I said, I will put more on later.

    I have often wondered what was in the collection before the fire as well. It saddens me to think what was lost. The fire was caused by a sack of leaves to close to a gas heater in the garage. sigh
    I always think, dont worry about it, look what he has now and enjoy it!

    Just to let you all know, there is a thread in the German Daggers section with pictures of my grandfathers German Daggers. Its under the same name as this post, My Grandfathers collection.

    Thank you for the comments! Reagan

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    Default Re: Grandfathers collection.

    That is a great collection.

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