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MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World

Article about: Post them up All I have this UK Mk6 helmet cover to fire up with

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    The NZ Defence Force calls this new camo pattern MCU (Multi-terrain camouflague Uniform). It replaced DPM and the desert 2 colour version which was similar to the British. Don't think New Zealand ever used a version of MTP, though in Afghanistan the NZ SAS used US made Multicam uniforms. The SAS typically choosing it's own equipment.

    Photo from Kabul hotel siege a few years ago of NZ SAS in Multicam.

    MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World

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    I'd like to take this thread on a short walk down Tangent Boulevard...but before setting off I'd like to hereby formally submit my application for the "Dullest Post EVER on War Relics" (prove me wrong :-) and there's not a Champagne droop tail Q number anywhere!!!)...right, here goes....

    I was sitting in the garden recently with my friend John (Daniels !) carefully dismantling a piece of MTP...a "Jacket, Combat, Warm Weather MTP" to be precise, and I was struck by the fact that there's no buttons down the front or on the pockets...or sewn-on-badges (not even the Union Flag...which I thought was standard now-days)...and apart from the Zip (just to help our US Friends I'll save them the bother of Google Translate...that's "Zipper")'s ALL Velcro.... There's LOADS of it...for badges, rank slide, pocket closure, collar closure.....even to cover said Zip ("Zipper").

    I found myself worrying about how many WR members are losing sleep about how much of this plant-inspired closure system actually exists on a Brit MTP, after another chat with Jack....errrr.....John....... I threw myself into the task of carefully removing, surveying and measuring this binding agent. The first thing I found was there ARE buttons...but only 4 of them...on the cuffs...but that's sell your stock in "Button Inc." now!! I also found that there's more "Fluff" than "Hook" (stop sniggering)....indeed for every "Hook" you get twice as much "Fluff" (phnar-phnar....Lord knows what non-Brits make of Phnar-phnar...but lets put it out there for educational purposes if nothing else)...I found 38 pieces of our sticky friend....which, if ALL in one inch (that's the US audience now back on board) strips would create one strip NINE AND THREE QUARTER FEET long!!! (approx 2.84m....'doesn't sound as long in Metres [that's "Meters"] does it?). John was amazed too......

    Who knew?

    ...and who cares?.....'Jack anyone???

    MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World

    The above photograph, beautifully posed, is submitted as Exhibit A for the Awards panel. NB it has not been "watermarked" as I'm happy for it to be used by others in any subsequent research. ('bet that one never turns up on Google Images!!!)

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    Rene' Here's my small contribution to the threadMTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World
    Regards James

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    What, no Velcro? :-)

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    I think we need a velcro forum.

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    well, if there's a "Button" thread (and I think there is)....why not? :-)

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    Are there Velcro & buttons in MTP Google isn't helping me here

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    One of my finds a year ago or so - XL size. Possibly a repro/fake:
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World   MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World  

    MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World   MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World  



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    Now, about that Velcro.......

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    MTP camo para smock, still with its wings but the TRF's have been removed.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World   MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World  

    MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World   MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World  

    MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World  


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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