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MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World

Article about: Post them up All I have this UK Mk6 helmet cover to fire up with

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    Ahh Cheers Brickie, really appreciated, love seeing what you have Mate.

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    Russian Federation Multicam used by Security services ( FSB) ,US Multicam and well used mk7 with MTP cover for comparison MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World
    Regards James

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    Great stuff James Mate

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    that's sooooo interesting....thank you.

    is there any chance of a close-up of each pattern for comparison?

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    No Trouble Rene' i thought where better to post up than this very thread of yours Ade no problem i will sort this out pronto so leave it with us ,Here is the Russian pattern in better but not close up detail for now though and i can't recall where i pulled the referance picture from but too good not to share MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" WorldMTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World
    Regards James

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    Here are those close ups as best as i could manage ,Not to confuse the pics are of the Brit MTP US and then Russian Multicam in that order MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" WorldMTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" WorldMTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" WorldMTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" WorldMTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World
    Regards James

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    I was reading in the news today that the New Zealand Defence Force (which covers the three services) was abandoning it's Multi Terrain Camouflage Uniform (MCU) after only 6 years and spending NZ$13 million developing it. But it has had a steady stream of various complaints from those who wore it over poor manufacturing quality, uncomfortable in hot climes, and politicians who didn't like it being made outside of NZ.

    In a bold move the decision has been made to produce a new uniform from late 2019 with widespread distribution in 2020 and it's a return to a "multicam" pattern type. The new uniform will be known as "New Zealand Multi Terrain Pattern (NZ MTP) with the fabric being produced in the UK, and the uniforms themselves being made by companies in Auckland and Christchurch. It's not clear at this point whether the camouflage pattern is the same as UK MTP, or whether it will be tweaked to give it a unique look. That was something that they tried to achieve with MCU and to some extent DPM.

    An early photo has been released; In with NZ MTP

    MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World

    Out with MCU

    MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" WorldMTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World

    Further information, now confirms the NZ MTP while similar to the British pattern has "NZ colours" so some differentiation worked into it.

    MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World
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    here some images out of my stuff.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World   MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World  

    MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World  

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    Really informative...thank you.

    I always smile when camo patterns are would always hope that they’re being changed to suit a changing environment...however in reality they’re almost always changed for other reasons....

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    I'm currently wearing a pair of British MTP shorts purchased at W&P last week that I took from the plastic less than an hour ago so they still have that 'factory fresh' smell... that will change soon enough as I have to do some gardening later today.

    My other MTP purchase at W&P was a pair of Goretex trousers to go with the jacket I got last year. I tried them on for size in 35C and people were looking funny at me, but I got the last laugh when I wore them on the saturday with all the liquid sunshine!

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