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My antique sword collection

Article about: Display case in bedroom--

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    Default My antique sword collection

    Hello everyone!
    I have been posting some individual pieces to my collection on here for the past couple days but thought I would show some pics of the displays I have in my house.

    For the longest time, all I collected was swords but over the past couple years got back heavy into militaria. This is my sword wall.

    The first picture shows from right to left:
    M1840 cavalry saber (unmarked)
    M1913 "Patton" saber marked LF&C 1917
    M1840 NCO sword
    Belgian infantry briquette dated 1843

    In the second picture from top to bottom:
    first and second are Fillipino bringbacks from WWII. The tag on the 2nd one still has the tag the veteran filled out when he was taking them home.

    Next is a Chinese counterfeit bronze sword I bought cheap specifically for reference on the fakes they are producing

    Below that, at one time was thought to be an excavated dagger dating to around 1566 that I bought at an antique militaria shop in Budapest, but after a private meeting with the arms and armor curator at the Met Museum in NYC he informed me it is fake.

    At the bottom is another Chinese counterfeit.

    The final picture contains from right to left:
    The "Wallace" sword from Braveheart. This was made by the company that made it for the movie so it's the most authentic functional reproduction around.
    A late 19th century African hunting spear
    And finally a late 19th century (possible Boxer Rebellion era) Chinese Da Dao. This was meant for either taking horses legs off in battle or for executions. It's a big nasty thing.

    I have other swords both original and reproduction. I posted my katana in the Japanese section, I have two excavated 18th century axe heads acquired while I was deployed to Bosnia in 2000and I have a few functional yet dull European repros I use for medieval fighting demonstrations I used to do for schools, scouting groups and renaissance faires.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My antique sword collection   My antique sword collection  

    My antique sword collection  

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    Default Re: My antique sword collection

    Hi, nice swords, i love the william wallace sword, thanks for showing the photos.
    Best regards

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    pony soldier

    Default Re: My antique sword collection

    On the Patton saber in your collection you note it to be a LF&C model dated 1917. I collect the Patton sabers and all their accessories and have not yet come up with a dated 1917. Can you email me or post a picture of the 1917 date.

    Pony Soldier

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    Default Re: My antique sword collection

    I was wrong on the date. Sorry. Since the posting, I got rid of that one and got a Springfield Armory dated 1914.


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    pony soldier

    Default Re: My antique sword collection

    Thanks for the reply. I find that to be common as it has referred to as the M1917, but I have yet to find one dated 1917. As I collect data on these sabers, can you tell me the serial number of the Springfield 1914 you now have. Also if with scabbard and if it has the tent pole tip.

    Thanks, Ken

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    Default Re: My antique sword collection

    cool swords!

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    Default Re: My antique sword collection

    It is serial 25863. Sadly it doesn't have a scabbard. I know there used to be repro scabbards out there, but I haven't seen them lately. If I can't find an original for a decent price I might break down and get the repro just to have one.


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    Default Re: My antique sword collection

    Nice blades. It's great to see them hanging on the wall. Most
    get put in boxes or on shelves. My bedroom wall looks like
    like a armory. My wife HATES it
    Live to ride -- Ride to live

    I was addicted to the "Hokey-Pokey" but I've turned
    myself around.

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    Default Re: My antique sword collection

    Luckily my wife has her office and I have mine (actually my bar). I have my Japanese military collection on one wall and my swords on another.


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    Default Re: My antique sword collection

    Nice sword collection, Mike !

    I love your pre Civil War U.S. piecess !


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