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Eickhorn Dagger

Article about: Hey! Have an opportunity to purchase this dagger. I'm looking for help from you in deciding how much to pay for it and what condition it's in. Seller told me it has a minor crack on handle a

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    Default Eickhorn Dagger

    Hey! Have an opportunity to purchase this dagger. I'm looking for help from you in deciding how much to pay for it and what condition it's in. Seller told me it has a "minor" crack on handle and "minor wear" on blade. Any remarks/suggestions HIGHLY appreciated! Thanks! Eickhorn DaggerEickhorn DaggerEickhorn DaggerEickhorn Dagger

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    Default Re: Eickhorn Dagger

    I saw that on the facebook post by the Justin kid. Depending on the price it varies, you can see the heavy wear and scratching on the bottom. Like i said it all depends on the price, it looks good but the heavy scratches would deter me from buying it.
    Also its an RAD Hewer

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    Default Re: Eickhorn Dagger

    Looks like the tip of the blade has been re shaped !

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    Default Re: Eickhorn Dagger

    The blade has almost certainly been reground. Looks like it's been crudely sharpened as well. It would not be for my collection.

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    Default Re: Eickhorn Dagger

    To be honest in this hoby you can get quite a varied collection if you dont go for the top items.
    Its all up to money at the end of the day.Some people only collect ground dug for the cost while others like worn.Some want it in its original wrapper with a bow tied to it.
    I like a bit of both.As a working item i dont mind a sharp one ,or worn insignia,but not a dress one.It still is a fine piece IMO.Looks all original.Down to if it fits into your collection and bank ballance.
    I would put it at about £300 pounds maby less.
    Regards Pete

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    Default Re: Eickhorn Dagger

    What the blade profile should look like.

    Eickhorn Dagger

    Regards, Ned.
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    Default Re: Eickhorn Dagger

    yup its a RAD Hewer, later model logo, its been messed with, closer photo's would probably show more problems, definatly do not pay over 400 IMO

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    Default Re: Eickhorn Dagger

    Looks real to me

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    Default Re: Eickhorn Dagger

    i wonder how those sharpening schratches can be under the GES. stamp/etsch... am i stubid or blind ?

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    Default Re: Eickhorn Dagger

    If you look at the blood groove line compared to Neds correct image example..you can see that the blade has been extremely shortened. Dont waste your time or money on a lesser example as this..although it appears to be authentic..but that shortening is not hard to miss at all. Thank you for posting this dagger and Thank you Ned also. Hard to believe someone had to do this to this dagger
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