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help! keep dagger in scabbard or out??

Article about: Sadly I cant comment for the 100% mint blades. All mine have runner marks so I have the view that where the runners have touched the crossgraining has already gone and cannot be made worse.

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    Default help! keep dagger in scabbard or out??

    hi guys,was wandering if its ok to keep the dagger in the scabbard since it been with it all these years and would it be better not to keep it in?just wondering if i can get a vote on this as if i had more room i would love to show the nickle plated blades off!!! thanks guys and girls ...

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    Default Re: help! keep dagger in scabbard or out??

    as long as you use from time to time a littel oil on the blade its fine to let him see the air i guess this is what i do and works fine to me

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    Default Re: help! keep dagger in scabbard or out??

    Personally i think it looks better in displays when the owner shows the blade, but this is my opinion. If you do want to do this, make sure you keep it oiled and stuff like that


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    Default Re: help! keep dagger in scabbard or out??

    i display my edged weapons out of sheaths/scabbrds. I personally think it looks better. I live in a high humidity area, so it is a MUST for me to keep all blades lubed. lol You dont get the full effect if you can't show the WHOLE piece ya know? It definitely takes up more room in any display case or shelf, but ends up lookin alot cooler

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    Default Re: help! keep dagger in scabbard or out??

    I keep all my blades lightly oiled while they are in storage,
    and re-oil them whenever I take them out for study.

    We'd love to see them, Pammy ............ !


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    Default Re: help! keep dagger in scabbard or out??

    Thanks guys,iam moveing all my daggers to my gun case so the blades will be away in scabbard for some time /years... Iam just taking it slow and astate saleing it for now as money is realy funny!

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    Default Re: help! keep dagger in scabbard or out??

    I wish I had a safe-type display case with a locking device. I have a regular safe that bolts to the floor, but it would be cool to get one that displays your items while assuring its safety if you are robbed.

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    Default Re: help! keep dagger in scabbard or out??

    I keep mine in the scabbards.

    Do not use oil on blades. This can cause problems with greying and plate lifting. Use RenWax.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Well, this is a very interesting thread with no correct answer as there's several ways of looking at it.
    The plusses for in the scabbard are:
    space saving
    keeps blade away from the sunlight which can put a false grey layer over blade in time if not protected
    Saves the blade from getting knicked or a bent tip.

    Out of the scabbard advantages;
    will save the runner wearing to the mottos of hitler youth knives.
    Stop corrosion between the blade and the runners however,
    If you do decide to leave the blade out of the scabbard for 10 years or so be careful the runners haven't built up a rough/gritty surface which would crucifying the blade on entry.

    Whatever you decide, I think the key is to keep the parts working and moving every so often as they should - and always use renwax.

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    Always a great topic of conversation. My thoughts be mindful of direct exposure to or out of scabbard and also be mindful of any climate changes..unless in a air controlled environment. Some people have to put their daggers away for a vacation because of climate change. For me personally i store them in the scabbard except for the Mint type blades that are very representative of the producer. JMO
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