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Large brass eagle ?

Article about: I have a large eagle which I think is made of brass a copy?

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    Default Large brass eagle ?

    I have a large eagle which I think is made of brass aLarge brass eagle ?Large brass eagle ?Large brass eagle ?Large brass eagle ?Large brass eagle ?Large brass eagle ?Large brass eagle ?Large brass eagle ? copy?

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    Circuit advertisement Large brass eagle ?
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    The misshaped swastika doesn't make a person feel good about it's authenticity and neither does the lack of a mounting lug on the back of the bottom of the wreath. The porosity of the surfaces would lead me to think that it is a cast copy molded from an original. Personally,I would pass on it unless you want to keep it for display purposes.

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    Not one that i would want.

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    Whatever it is, it's not TR.

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    I don't know anything about wall eagles etc but I did find it odd that the artists name would be on the front of the eagle, at least as prominently as it is, to me that's a little odd. I could see it being on the bottom edge of it but it looks out of place, & distracts from the eagle itself, IMO. I"ve never seen any eagles like that. Arno Brecker was one of the foremost sculpters in Nazi Germany & I seriously doubt he would create something as crude as this bird.

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    I would suggest that if collecting TR eagles is your interest you may want to invest in Wim. Saris' book "Reichsbahn Eagles" .. G
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    yeah... looks a bit sloppy.. not that german precision we are used to see..

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    Not a good piece...


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