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Advice from my fellow Aussie members....

Article about: Hey guys, As stated in a previous thread i was given a 20mm vulcan used shell from a marine on the USS Constilation a fair few years back and i want to put a head on it (preferably a real he

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    Default Advice from my fellow Aussie members....

    Hey guys,
    As stated in a previous thread i was given a 20mm vulcan used shell from a marine on the USS Constilation a fair few years back and i want to put a head on it (preferably a real head) Totally inert .

    I did alot of looking online and found this beauty. The guy who has it has it listed on a USA auction site that i cant acsess due to living in Australia but he has other stuff on ebay. he said purchase a ebay item and he will put it in the same box and mark it "metal model" on the packaging . He isnt allowed to sell it on ebay due to regulations. He is really helpful and i dont have any worrys about him but my concern is does any of my fellow Aussies know if i could get into trouble buying such a item. As stated its not live. I cant find anywhere that it states that you cant
    This will looks really good on my 20mm shell and in my display

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    It is perfectly legal to buy and own the item but importing them is very risky even with a permit. Under the
    Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956 to current regulations the import of military grade items such as large calibre munitions,
    grenades, bombs, mines, explosives, projectiles, launchers, missiles, trip flares is prohibited without the correct import declaration and customs test.

    In the case of an Artillery projectile the following Official purposes tests would be carried out.

    • Specified purposes test
    • Dealer test
    • Collectors and nongovernment museum test
    • Returned goods test
    During these assessments the department of customs and border protection reserves the right to alter the item to an inert state with cuts or carving without consent. If the item is deemed an prohibited after these tests it will be seized and destroyed.

    Without having a customs declaration the importer/buy faces the maximum penalty for importing restricted weapons
    without import permission is a fine not exceeding $275,000 or
    imprisonment for 10 years, or both.

    Now it is easy to get the forms for an import and pay the cost to import it, although that would have to be done mainly by the seller of the item. If your projectile was seized for testing it would most likely pass but it would be in there hands for almost 4 months per usually speed. In regards to there rights to make it further inert, i have seen customs make some pretty harsh cuts such as the time a good friend purchased a Japanese knee mortar only to have a square cut in the side of it.

    Hope this helped I have worked with customs issue for almost 3 years so, its up to you now mate.

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    Morris is spot on. If you chance it without the permit, you risk having it destroyed and possible prosecution. If you do get the permit you risk them mutilating the item and then the very long and painful process of dealing with Customs.

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    Thanks so much for the info guys. is this the correct form here...

    Might be the safest way to do it me thinks

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    That is the correct for but you will also need one of there prohibit import forms I think its called 13B now. Also if you declare it as a ordinance projectile you declaration will have to match up exactly with the sellers or it will be seized for a false information. Im not sure if they have changed the regulations but there use to be a clause that it had to be sent by sea freight because of Air Safety and security.

    Edit: it would seem it still requires sea freight as the method of import 2-4 months ship time.

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    Can't you just get the specs somewhere and have someone mill a replica up on a lathe?

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    Thought about that Glenn but i would love the real deal

    - - ------- - -

    Well i now have it It just arrived
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