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Advice for a novice collector

Article about: by ZigZag But regardless, the reply's I got from my post lead me to believe he is the exception and you can find people who will help. Thanks There you go!

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    Default Advice for a novice collector


    I need some advice. I am new to Third Reich Militaria collecting. I am very well versed in the History of WW2 and in particular the Third Reich, Its personalities, politics, leaders and the Implementation of the Final Solution. Because of this I decided to collect some items and maybe sell some in order to fund a personal collection.

    The Issue I have come across is finding a reputable guide and/or book which will show me examples of “real” pieces and will also show me the things to look for when determing its authenticity. Something like a guide which will show detailed pics of a real cuff title compared to a repro or fake.

    I went to A.D. Roysters site which deals specifically with Fake Third Reich items and was hoping to find some information however, the author of the site is so conceited,arrogant and condescending in his views of collecting and fellow collectors I dont know why he even bothers. He is supposedly an authoritative expert in the field but according to him every single book, website, guide and fellow collector is a thief and sells fake stuff. He calls every other collector, dealer and author “gay” and attacks and bullies them personally like a spoiled 14 year old. Its just weird. I dont understand how someone who claims to be a collector and into the hobby is such an asshole to fellow collectors and new collectors getting into the hobby.

    What I want to know is, Is he the norm and is this what is to be expected in the hobby? I understand that I need to study the details of the items and what makes them “real”... I know more about the Third Reich and Nazi Germany than a lot of collectors. I am a historian first and a collector second. Which is why I thought this would be a great hobby to get into, but if I am going to be slagged off and made to feel like a dick for not knowing every little nuance of a “Cuff Title” then I dont know If I want to even bother.

    If someone can point me too a good book on Third Reich items it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Advice for a novice collector

    Collectors on this forum will help you.
    first think ,find out what you want to collector.
    Also post items here before you buy will tell you good or bad,

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    Default Re: Advice for a novice collector

    As Chris said, This forum will be your most useful guide.
    Post and ask and you will receive the responses you require.
    Welcome to the forum mate, you have come to the right place.

    All the best

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    Default Re: Advice for a novice collector

    Cloth items - especially cuff titles - might not be a good place to start
    without some prior knowledge. Perhaps common medals or an
    NSDAP armband to begin with ? Even some of us with years
    of experience get burned. There is no fast or easy way.
    No 'tell all' book.

    You will find there are some good, reputable people in the hobby
    - you've found one who may not be - and I find that the
    ones with this kind of attitude are a bit shady.........


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    Default Re: Advice for a novice collector

    OK..Thanks. I am going to collect Helmets and Cloth Items like cuff titles and collar tabs. I just bought my first helmet at an estate auction. It is supposedly a Police/Civic helemet and I have just started researching it. I also bought some Japanese linen collar tabs.

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    Default Re: Advice for a novice collector

    What books or guides would you recommend. I know that its not easy, but just having something to read and study would help me a lot.

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    Default Re: Advice for a novice collector

    Something like B L Davis's German Army Uniforms and Insignia 1933-1945 would be a good base level guide. Also Davis's Badges and Insignia of the Third Reich is another useful guide.
    I have named these two as they are easy to find (second hand), cheap and informative.

    Hope this helps

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    Default Re: Advice for a novice collector

    Depending on what type of helmets you're planning on collecting, Kelly Hicks "SS Steel" is a great reference book for SS helmets.

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    Default Re: Advice for a novice collector

    Hi and welcome to the Forums,

    To answer you questions. The first matter of fact is just how invaluable THIS forum is in with dealing with fakes. There are countless threads, when taken the time to scan through the backlog, that aides the collector in various ways. Here at the WRF, i have found mutual friends who like me want to learn, expand collections, and find the thrill of the hunting down items.

    Some of the best authors such as Dietrich Maerz and Michael D. Beaver to name a couple have reputable books. Most books out there, expensive but worth it, deal with the Real Artifacts in contrast to fakes. If one studies the real deal then the fakes stand out like a sore thumb.

    I cant tell you how many hours i have spent researching the WRF Forums. Any questions i have are posted and answered quickly. My friends and other members have taken the time to post findings. Since you are a "novice" collector, i can tell you that the more you learn the better. With so many damn good fakes out there, its easily to get ripped off. This is what the WRF is for. No question is too stupid! I always ask , even if i know its a legit item, to just make sure with the other members. TR collecting is very expensive... Any and all imput is what one needs in regards to the Fakers Science.

    Welcome again to the forums buddy.

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    Default Re: Advice for a novice collector

    My piece of advice for a new collector would be to assume first that everything is fake, then post it on here, read about it, research it and do all you can to make sure its real before you buy, that worked for me! and if you really are going to start collecting its a long road, and joining or becoming a full member of this forum will pay for itself 1000 times over.

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