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Any militaria / historical collecting podcasts out there?

Article about: Hello all! I'm a new member here, so hopefully this is the correct subforum for this thread, at least I didn't find anything more suitable. The question is pretty much in the title of this t

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    I have to say I find 'Lindybeige' really irritating LOL! If I want comedy I will watch a comedy channel, if I want Militaria I want to watch that, not both. But each to their own.

    From a UK perspective on YouTube you have 'Regimentals' and 'Military Collectibles' (CJ Campbell) - one is a slightly overpriced Militaria dealer, the other a slightly eccentric bachelor who also likes his 'Judge Dredd' and model railways etc., but both actually post reasonably educational and interesting videos (most of the time) if you are interested in Militaria. There is also Mark Felton who does quite interesting WW2 history videos on YouTube.

    From a US perspective, I quite like Legacy Collectibles, the chap that does it often gets his facts wrong, but he has some great stuff in his shop that he shows on his channel, and has a heavy focus on firearms which can be quite educational.

    Hope that helps the OP, although none of these are podcasts, so maybe not what you were looking for...

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    Thank you for the suggestions! I've already been watching every channel you mentioned MG42UK except "Military Collectibles", which I will definitely check out as well. Not what I was looking for, but I'm definitely always interested in good YT channels on these topics as well. Out of the ones you mentioned, I think Legacy Collectibles is the best, although mostly related to firearms. For anyone who enjoys channels like Forgotten Weapons, I think it's a good addition if you can't get enough of firearms. Regimentals do have some decent educational videos on specifically militaria, I think it's one of the better militaria channels out there. For anyone else interested in militaria videos, also check out "WarStory Military Antiques", it's a Russian channel but in English and he has some very good videos, like his video where he got Thomas Wittmann to show his famous dagger safe that has over 640k views! That's probably one of the most viewed militaria videos on YouTube I think... He has other good interview videos with Thomas Wittmann and other dealers as well. Here's a link to the Wittmann safe video, I would recommend it to anyone who's interested in daggers at all Rare original daggers[Hundreds] Thomas Wittmann has opened his locker! - YouTube

    Thank you everyone for the recommendations! I appreciate it even if none of them were exactly what I was looking for, still good recommendations.

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