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Which Approach to take for beginners??

Article about: I do your second opition of trying to get a couple of nice items a year now. When i started buying TR items i brought the less exspensive medals, less chance of being ripped off for a beginn

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    Question Which Approach to take for beginners??

    Assume you are a beginner who has a wide ranging interest in all the pretty things that grace these pages daily, with a relatively modest budget (couple hundred dollars a month tops).
    Would it be wiser in the long run to focus on a larger number of less expensive items (common TR cloth insignia, buckles & ww2 US/Japanese headgear) that can be purchased "as you go" or save up to purchase fewer more expensive items like TR daggers/visors/helmets & less common metal badges (luftwaffe pilot, combat clasps, etc) a couple of times a year???
    Thanks, Bill

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    Default Re: Which Approach to take for beginners??

    It depends if you are going to sell it off. if you have mostly cheap bits like me they will always be cheap but if you purchase the better stuff its always going to be worth more. And the way things are going you could have a nice little pension if you buy the better stuff

    Personally I buy whatever I take a liking to like tank parts, guns, british cap badges, grenades, ammo, ordnance anything I like the look of

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    Default Re: Which Approach to take for beginners??

    I would say, collect whatever gives you pleasure.

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    Default Re: Which Approach to take for beginners??

    Follow your heart Bill !

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Default Re: Which Approach to take for beginners??

    If i had my time over again, there would be two main items i would collect from the beginning, belt buckles and when the funds ran to it decent looking helmets, especially if i was on that budget. I collected mainly helmets when younger, but then collected everything i could lay my hands on. Sadly most of my collection has gone over the years so i now try to amass funds to buy the odd helmet and insignias, and if im lucky the odd better items that i can find without laying out too much, Japanese items are getting pretty expensive especially over here

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    Default Re: Which Approach to take for beginners??

    I am with Nick, collect what gives you pleasure and what interests you

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    Default Re: Which Approach to take for beginners??

    I've said it before, I admire anybody who can collect just one particular area. I collect anything and everything WW2. My budget is similar to yours (if not less most months!), if you look at some of my threads you can see examples of what I have collected over the years (I did start when I was about 12 years old though!). Half the fun of collecting is looking for the items, whether that's scouring the internet or searching through junk shops. As No Man Army said it depends on what you are going to do with your collection, although I'd argue that if you are collecting for purely financial gain then you can never truly be passionate about the subject. I collect everything as I genuinely have an interest in every aspect of WW2 and like showing my collection, as everybody else has said collect and buy the things that you like and have an interest in. You might find that you buy something and that spurs you on to buy related items whether thats fully dressed mannaquins or badges.
    Remember, just because your budget is small doesn't mean you can't buy nice items which are worth a lot more, if you put the work in reading books, looking at reference material and then searching hard you get results (The dealers who have helmets priced at £4000 didn't pay anywhere near that!!)

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    Default Re: Which Approach to take for beginners??

    I think most starting collectors willbbuy the less expensive stuff I used to do That but I'm saving now to get a nice gun ins ten ofcacfew cheper ones but ultamatly it's your choice

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    Default Re: Which Approach to take for beginners??

    just buy the things that you like. dont have to buy louds of cheap things just to make your collection big. just buy the things that make you smile. and if you have a tight budget and you like something, just save your money in a giant jar ontop of the mantle .

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    Default Re: Which Approach to take for beginners??

    My advice is only buy items in the very best condition you can afford. Don't buy items which are broken or missing parts because they might be cheaper.

    Cheers, Ade.

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