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Arma2 war game

Article about: Hello guys, As an outcome of the WoT thread i have now made this one. I saw a lot of guys are annoyed about the lack of realism in WoT. Well it wont get more realistic in the gaming world as

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    Default Arma2 war game

    Hello guys,

    As an outcome of the WoT thread i have now made this one. I saw a lot of guys are annoyed about the lack of realism in WoT. Well it wont get more realistic in the gaming world as Arma. I have been out of the loop on Arma and the original OFP games for a while, so forgive me for not being 100% up to date. As i am not home in Moscow at the moment i will not be able to join in right now if anybody is interested. Check out the game and let's see what you think. It's better than me writing 10 pages on Arma LOL. Below is my post from the WoT thread. Cheers guys

    "I'm a ex-hardcore OFP (Operation Flashpoint) gamer. This game i now called Arma2/Arma3, for those who don't know. It's the best war game out there when it comes to realism. One can go everywhere on the map, use all vehicles, buildings etc. Even the bullets you shoot, is actually a real bullet with all ballistics involved flying across the game "map". I think some WW2 maps have been made for this game engine. Arma is hyper realistic. Stick your head too far out and often you get killed with one shot. Would be awesome to make a WRF Arma2 WW2 team

    A link to a WW2 game play video: ArmA 2 I-44 - "The Drop" - WWII Paratroopers taking AA emplacements - Co-op - YouTube

    Another one. Germans VS Russians: Iron Front Liberation - Huge Battle 420 Wehrmacht vs 620 Russians - YouTube

    This is good stuff"

    Regards, Lars

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    Default Re: Arma2 war game

    I have briefly checked out the site and it seems to only be modern conflict. Also is it active?

    Cheers, Pat

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    Default Re: Arma2 war game

    I think i have seen it for sale on Steam, but i believed it was modern warfare. And then i had 0 interest in it. But if ww2 can be played, then it suddently became very interesting.

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    Default Re: Arma2 war game

    Iron front has a lot of new updates but there a still a lot of bugs.

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    Default Re: Arma2 war game

    Rising Storm is a ww2 game. just saw it announced on Steam You can play japanese or American.

    Not trying to hijack your thread Lars. I just wanted to tell what i saw on Steam right now.

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    Default Re: Arma2 war game

    Arma is not modern warfare Yes Arma is modern conflicts, but as you can see lot's of WW2 mods have been made for the game. As Kevin says, there are some bugs in Iron Front but generally it's not that frustrating. It will take me a little time to get up to date on all this But for realism Arma is the bomb. Back when i was playing it was just a question on finding the good mods.

    Regards, Lars

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    Default Re: Arma2 war game

    Try and check out the game play vids on YouTube. There are lot's of them. Just search "Arma2 WW2" and so on. There you can see the actual game and how it looks.

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    Default Re: Arma2 war game

    Anyone play red orchestra II? Its the most realist WWII FPS Ive played so realistic that almost gets annoying that you can die from one enemy shot or a random artillery shell...
    Other than that its a blast its on steam as well.

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    I still play Red Orchestra , one of my favorite games!

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    I have been thinking of getting Red Orchestra, but my computer ***** and probably can't handle it. As for Arma 2 and 3, the vanilla version of the game focuses exclusively on modern warfare, but there are third party mods that include WWII game play (at least for arma 2, I'm not sure if there are some for 3 yet as its a fairly new title).

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