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Attention Dealers - If it's sold, please mark it sold on your site

Article about: I manage and build websites for a living, and so I feel I can speak with some authority on this topic. If you like for your customers to enjoy shopping on your site, and doing business with

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    Sorry Jo, I forgot about you. How in the world could I forget about you!? You're a hoot to talk to, and was a good experience. Probably my favorite purchase since I started collecting again. I guess I don't think of you like a dealer since we've chatted. You are firmly in the clear of my "rant" here sir.

    It's the US dealers I've dealt with recently, with whom I have had a string of one right after another "sorry, that's sold" inquiries. Again, I'm not trying to single people out, and I have no intention of naming names cause that's not the point. For all who are reading this, please, just be sure to update/clean out your sold inventory, or mark it sold or the very least on hold. That's all I'm asking.

    Quote by Jo Rivett View Post
    It was only 8 weeks ago that you purchased an item from my website, so the memory should still be fresh. I understand this bold "every single one" to incorporate me as well then, even though i do try to be a step ahead of the rest regards quality of my website, quality of the stock, speedy shipping, marking items reserved or sold within the hour, at at very least with 12 hours.

    Each to his own i guess - and rightfully so.

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    It's a free market out there if your not happy with the people you do business with then don't buy from them again......................trouble is what do you do in the future if they have that special thing you really need !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I remove every item once it has been sold and try to have no sold or reserved items on show. All you can see is what is for sale. As a collector I always find it frustrating to look at sold stock as it rubs salt in the wound if it's something I would have liked.

    Just the way I do business but I am a one man band and don't have a lot of stock and it's all rubbish anyway ......................only kidding it all high grade original militaria but don't tell anyone or I'll be out of stock !

    I hope you have better luck in your future dealings. and trust me we have all be treated badly at some point by others !



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    I think that in more than a few cases, many dealers allow their sold items to remain visible to simply display to everyone "See the kind of great stuff that I sell!" bit of sly advertising. Most of them do, though, include a "Sold" banner beneath them. It's only fair to the potential buyers and to themselves to not be inundated with floods of emails from collectors wishing to purchase the sold items-all of which must be answered or sent payments returned. I admit, it is annoying to be inquiring about things that are long gone, but even in the days of printed catalogs, this was a common thing encountered. It's understandable that a casual or even a full time dealer with large inventories cannot endlessly be going into their websites and updating 24/7 but quite a number of them generally update periodically on a regular basis. It is the handful of dealers that do Not update and continually leave their listings out there to frustrate buyers that are the problem. Naturally, there are legitimate reasons for this to be happening once in awhile, but on a regular basis, it's just poor business practice. Then it's time to find a different dealer.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Quote by John Brandon View Post
    That is definitely an un- true, and un fair statement. I don't know what dealers you have been dealing with, but I can say with absolute certainty I always deal with my customers, they expect it. It's the chase that makes it fun. And previous customers will vouch that they've had some cracking deals from me, sometimes I make a couple of quid. As for marking things as sold. Personally, I leave it on reserve until the money comes in, the transaction is complete, and the customer is happy, then I take it off, I understand you may be frustrated, but don't tar us all with the same brush
    John I second that... I have bought a few items of you & movement is on the cards all the times. & always an enjoyable shop.. Cheers Terry.

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    Some time ago there was an item I wanted to purchase... But it was already sold...
    The dealer apoligised and upgraded me to an even "Better" item of the exact same style at the posted price of the first... I was greatly impressed... It works both ways... Most dealers I have dealt with are honest and willing to work with collectors... No gripes here...G

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    I've seen many websites with more 'SOLD' items than those available. I suppose it is good advertising to show what was sold but just salt in the wound for those of us that missed out ....... another capital 'L' on our forehead!!

    Oh & usually you don't see the sale price so that's another blow ( maybe it was a great price too ...... arghh!!!!! )
    " I'm putting off procrastination until next week "

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    Quote by avenger View Post
    Anything that can be done to improve the customer experience is going to make a big difference, and simply marking things sold may in fact put you ahead of most of your competition it would seem. It's that bad.
    Im respect to this statement..I would like to see this practiced within our own borders here on the WRF. I spent days and hours upon availability deleting ads..that were over a year old....without photos, or closed ads without photos..and also banned members ads some as far back as 2012. Im still not sure..those ads still left within the year time frame are still legit...but will be deleted regardless when their year period is reached.

    In reference to other dealers and their practices of leaving sold ads posted on their site....its their house and their rules. Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    I sympathize with your frustrations. However I think a lot of dealers online today are hobby dealers and not doing it full time, ergo out of date inventories appear online frequently. It's more or less part of the collecting landscape in the digital age and one has to expect that items in these digital storefronts may or may not be available.

    I do enjoy seeing what dealers have sold in the past when they keep their prior sales showing in particular if it's a dealer I've not known or rarely visit. You get a sense of their knowledge and specialties, and if spurious items are showing as sold then you may know whom to avoid.

    Patience is a prerequisite in this hobby of that there is no question!

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