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Article about: Anyone checked out the up coming auction at K D Smith on 20/03/10? Annoyed from this ads?  

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    Default Auction

    Anyone checked out the up coming auction at K D Smith on 20/03/10?

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    Default Re: Auction

    I had never heard of them, so I did a search and I provide a link here: - Live Auction Locator - Fast,Easy, and Free!

    Tread carefully, as there is a LOT (pardon the pun) of rubbish here.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Auction

    Ade i was thinking of offering a prize if anyone could find an original item

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    Default Re: Auction

    I particularly like the 'Nazi sash and pom pom' obviously BDM cheerleaders kit !

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    Default Re: Auction

    When they talk about women being fast, easy and free, that's bad. So I bet a fast, easy, and free auction is bad too!.


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    Default Re: Auction

    I would think it over and over again on a majority of these pieces before i bid.

    It appears to me that whoever is sponsoring this mascarade of an auction is either blind or is getting a very high commission off of the sales.

    rgds, Tyrone

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    Default Re: Auction

    Jay whomsoever told you that fast easy and free women are bad is not your friend.

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    Default Re: Auction

    Alright, OKW, I will tell the truth. Fast, easy and free is only bad when you are talking about auctions. Fast, easy, and free women, are only bad if you find them when you are in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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    Default Re: Auction

    Based on the poor pics provided and gut feeling i'd not buy any of the stuff on didsplay.

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    Default Re: Auction

    What a giggle cheers

    I don't know much about Axis stuff..... but I ain't buying any of that..... Fake jap sword listed as storm trooper, i'd fall of my seat.... but i'm sat on the floor.

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