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Bringing Back Relics From France????

Article about: Do what my buddy does , he ships back everything from the hotel he is staying at, to his home address, and marking on the box with a big, and colorful ebay sticker, they seem to not bother w

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    Exclamation Bringing Back Relics From France????

    I am going to Normandy on and around June 6th this year. I was wondering what the rules are for bringning back relics purchased at one of the many relic shops in Normandy. Other than live ordinance, are there any items I can not bring back to the USA through checked baggage?

    Are most of the relics in the shops from the Normandy area?

    ahahah, I know the prices are terrible in Normandy shops, but I still might need something

    Thanks guys, Swayne

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    Default Re: Bringing Back Relics From France????

    I go to Europe 3 time a year to bring back ww1 and ww2 the deal no bayonet ,no gun no shell no grenade no dangerous items. Now only one suitcase you have to pay for a second one.You can chip bayonet and gun that are not working from France but will cost alot.I hope this help I never had any problem with the stuff I brought back My last trip was 2 weeks ago and brought back 2 suitcases full of stuff (helmets, backpack and more)

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    Default Re: Bringing Back Relics From France????

    What about like dug, empty shell casings?

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    Default Re: Bringing Back Relics From France????

    You won't have any problem with anything dug. I can tell you there is a big difference on what city you fly back into. I've never had any problem getting anything back through Chicago, New York (Kennedy), or Dallas. Atlanta seems to have a much more advanced customs office. They must have x-rayed my bag because they called me over and quizzed me over what everything was worth and checked it to my customs claim form to see if I was over my $600 non-claiming amount. When you are flying back, you will have to complete a declaration form stating what you bought while over seas. I think you can bring back up to $600 worth of stuff without paying a tax. Anything that is relic, doesn't bother them. The biggest thing they are looking for in the states, is if something is worth alot of money that they can gig you for tax. Of course, you can't bring back weapons, or anything dangerous. Have a good time!


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    Default Re: Bringing Back Relics From France????

    It is interesting, I am flying Air Canada out of Richmond to Toronto then Toronto to Charles de Gaulle and vice-versa. I guess I wont go through customs in Toronto right on my way back? If I go through customs in Richmond on the way back, it shouldnt be a problem because the only international flight is from not a very big customs area then I guess.

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    Default Re: Bringing Back Relics From France????

    You're right, you have nothing to worrying about. That should be a very easy trip. No you should not have to go through customs in Toronto. The only way that will happen is if they make you claim your bags there in Toronto. Look at your tickets, it should tell you if you must claim your bags when you arrive back in Toronto. If it doesn't say on your tickets, call Air Canada and check with them. It really shouldn't matter. The only way most governments get mad about what you are bringing back is if it's dangerous or it's something they think was of great artistic value to the country you took it from, i.e. King Tut's mummy, etc. The main thing is if you are asked what's in your bag, be honest and tell them what you have. They do random checks. It's really nothing to be nervous about. Be honest and you won't have any problems.


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    Default Re: Bringing Back Relics From France????

    Quote by Lt. Martin View Post
    What about like dug, empty shell casings?
    I never brought back a empty shell casing in my suitcase,But I did send them by mail.I do this 3 times a year never had a problem just be smart .Here some places with good prices on ww2 artifacts in Bayeux down the main street a antique store and sainte mere du mont next to sainte mere eglise Do Not go to the Militaria store in Sainte mere Eglise The guy has crasy crasy prices$$$$$$$$ .

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    Default Re: Bringing Back Relics From France????

    Thanks for the help!


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    Default Re: Bringing Back Relics From France????

    .....and don't go to the shops on the front at Arromanches either. One in particular has a LOT of relics but most are very over priced and a great many are fakes designed to catch out the tourist !

    Best place to go if you can find one......French carboot sales. You get some awesome stuff at these !

    As everyone has pointed out, nothing live or 'weapon' like. Spent cartridge cases you shouldn't have a problem with, just be honest !


    Steve T

    PS I only ever go to europe on a ferry so I don't have your problem or envy you having to get relics back this way ! have little choice really

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    Default Re: Bringing Back Relics From France????

    French carboot sales??? What are those?

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