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Dealer Question

Article about: hi I was wondering how credible is the guy at is his stuff real or a bunch of repros?

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    Default Dealer Question

    hi I was wondering how credible is the guy at is his stuff real or a bunch of repros?

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    Don't really know yet, but he seems to write in his item descriptions when it's Replicas. He is a bit slow on answering IMO.

    Regards, Lars

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    Default Re: Dealer Question

    He knows his stuff and is an honest dealer, but he is incredibly slow with responses. Remember that Luftwaffe M42 I posted a while ago? He has it listed as 'available', so I sent him an e-mail that I will take it. He finally responded earlier, with 'Sorry, but that helmet has been sold'.

    It's all good though, because I have inquired about my second choice and it is still available. I told him I'd take it, but I'll wait until it gets here to post this one...

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    I've noticed that while his stuff is good, he does a poor job of updating his website. I've called him 5 times in the past for 5 different items and they've been already sold.

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    Default Re: Dealer Question

    I'd be very careful with his site. There are some suspect badges available and he is notoriously slow with both communication and delivery. You should see his tables at the SOS...I have a thing about organization...or in this case disorganization.

    Just my two cents worth...


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    Default Re: Dealer Question

    I made an enquiry a couple of years agoabout a U.S. belt. The item was sold but he put me on to another and the deal went well. He answered my question within 24 hours and I had no problems.

    Others I know have, mainly due to communication. He does state on his site that it is his hobby, not his business so maybe can be excused for not being as good as you would expect on his responses.

    Looking for LDO marked EK2s and items relating to U-406.....

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    Default Re: Dealer Question

    I have purchased 2 or 3 very good helmets from this dealer and have been very pleased. Jim G.

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    Default Re: Dealer Question

    I've tried to buy several items from him at different times and have only ever received one reply. I simply gave up and removed his site from my favorites. Even if it is just a hobby, if he is going to go through the trouble of setting up a website than he should be a little more proficient with his communication. That's just my opinion but he can communicate however frequently or infrequently he pleases.

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    Just bought an ss sport badge from him. Item still doesn't say sold on his site and it was well over a month ago. Also, emailed him a ton of times with no response. Finally called, bought the item, and the item came extremely fast. He tends to deal with what he know, therefore not many fakes. If he learned an item he has is fake, he will tell the customers rather than try to get one by them. Mistakes happen, nobodys perfect. Anyways to sum it up, great prices, honest items, fast delivery, slowwwww response. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Dealer Question

    I am in the process of buying a helmet. Yes he is pretty slow that's for sure. But he seems like a nice guy.

    Regards, Lars

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