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Dealer question: Regimentals

Article about: I bought to them a panzer wrapper, I waited for it 5 weeks and no mails from them. When the parcel was in my flat, it was not a parcel but a thick sheet of paper, open in 3 places and repair

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    Question Dealer question: Regimentals

    Hi guys just a quick question. Could i please get your verdict on Regimentals . It looks a great site with good stuff so your feels would be great.

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    Default re: Dealer question: Regimentals

    I've never bought from them but I do have them book marked and check their site out on a regular basis. There are many original pieces but there are few dodgy ones that slip in on occasion so make sure you know what you're buying.
    Try a search, I'm sure they've been discussed before.

    The only reason I haven't bought from them is because I've found the same item elsewhere for less money............

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    Question have been asked before, and I can't tell any more then ;that Malcolm Fisher, sold me a fake helmet in the late 70 ties; worth 2000 euro.
    A lot of money back then,for a young lad!
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!


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    Default re: Dealer question: Regimentals

    I have to say the i prefer the dealers of reputed duck, time traveler, butscheks and others of that reputation.

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    Default re: Dealer question: Regimentals


    As with any dealer you have to know what you are buying.

    Used to visit their shop in Islington many years ago to buy bayonets and knives.

    Subsequently purchased from their website. Never had any problems with them.

    Prices can be on the high side and they could do with bigger pictures on their site.

    You will no doubt find lots of other opinions.



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    Default re: Dealer question: Regimentals

    Regimentals are a very big outfit in the UK and are well known it is run by Malcolm and Daniel Fisher , they have been around for many years , they do have an excellent selection of Militaria and are very easy to deal with but as stated with any purchase know what you are buying yourself.

    Pre internet i used to ove their glossy catologues !!
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    Default re: Dealer question: Regimentals

    I have bought 3 items from them successfully. Prices can be a tad on the high side but they are open to negotiation

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Default re: Dealer question: Regimentals

    Thank you for your time gentlemen.

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    Default re: Dealer question: Regimentals

    I met Malcolm Fisher in ALLENTOWN,PA. in the 80s and have purchased several items from him.They were as described and 110% original.All dealers and i don't care if they are in business for 50 years have had and sold bad pieces and many times they just didn't give the item a good going over!Also i dealt with a guy named Tony i believe when Malcolm had gone to a show.He treated me with courtesy and at the time the pound was down and i did pretty well.Also he paid the postage and i know no dealers that will do that in the USA.I am not saying that a few pieces that were not kosher have past through all dealers hands,but i don't think a continueous selling by any dealer of garbage would keep him in business!!Thats IMO and what say you all!Those of you who have dealt with RELICS OF THE REICH( Paul Jarvis) i now believe his partner who was a real SOB and caused him to lose customers has left his site.Nice guy in every way and to bad he chose wrong in getting a partner!

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    Default re: Dealer question: Regimentals

    Has nice items but I have always found them on the expensive side

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