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Dealers V's Collectors

Article about: Ok, I hear a lot of moaning on virtually every forum about dealers, and how they rip people off. Well how about when the boots on the other foot?. I'm having a gripe, not because of the amou

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    Default Dealers V's Collectors

    Ok, I hear a lot of moaning on virtually every forum about dealers, and how they rip people off. Well how about when the boots on the other foot?. I'm having a gripe, not because of the amount of money involved, but because I hate being taken for a mug
    I have dealt with this particular individual a number of times, and each time I have given him a very good deal. Things that you don't see that often, are put up on the forum for review, and then when everyone goes "WOW" he buys it. Nothing wrong there.... However before Christmas I was contacted by this particular individual to ask for an SA Edelweiss £15. Thats all. I said ok I'll post it off to you, I did, it wasn't in the UK it was abroard, so the bloody postage cost me £5!!! and do you know what...........nothing. Even sent an e mail last month to ask if he's forgotten, said he hadn't and can I wait for pay day..........for £15!!!

    Tell me I'm wrong? But dealers always take a pounding, tell you what guys, it's not all one sided
    Rant over

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    I totally agree, I don't understand why someone would complain if they bought something from a dealer. Of course they bought the item cheaper, that is how they make a living. If somebody thinks the price is too high for an item, don't buy it. No one is forcing anyone to buy anything, it is the buyers choice.

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    Hi John, as you know, being a dealer is no bed of roses.

    What does annoy me is people who knowing try to pass on bad items to dealers to get rid of their collecting mistakes. Some think this is some kind of sport.

    Dealers mainly buy from collectors now as the days of buying from veterans and families are slowly coming to a close.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Being a dealer is no bed of roses but nobody is forcing anyone to be a dealer, they willingly sign up for it.

    That said I know what a pain it can be to sell items, buyers can be fickle, picky, OCD creatures. It's like any other retail business. It would be awesome if it weren't for the damn customers.

    PS - moderators, start your engines. This thread has cliffs all around it and it's picking up speed.

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    Lol Doug...I have hope in humanity and that all will behave.

    My two cents. It's not Dealers who are the problem and it's not Buyers. It is People! There are good ones and bad ones.

    My parents taught me as a child to chose my friends carefully and to always take the high road. Once a reputation is ruined it is hard to repair it (unless of course you are a politician)

    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

    My greatest fear is that one day I will die and my wife will sell my guns for what I told her I paid for them

    "Don't tell me these are investments if you never intend to sell anything" (Quote: Wife)

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    Well said Michael, there's good and bad dealers and good and bad buyers because there's good and bad people.

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    I've been a lifelong collector with past experience of working for an established collectibles dealer in Colorado Springs, running both a shop and traveling to shows across the Western US...I believe that I can safely say that the hardest part of dealing isn't selling, it's BUYING...Dealers have alot of overhead expenses to cover before seeing a profit...Fuel-costs, Lodging, Show/Table-Fees, Food, Employee-Salaries...all have to be covered first, that's simply the reality of the situation...There's no reason to pile on honest dealers in a negative way, nor can I say that I've seen much of that here on the Forum...
    cheers, Glenn
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    You talking about Leasures Treasures?

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    Yes, I worked for Elden & Sylvia Leasure back in 98-99...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Agree with whats been said, however what really upsets me, and maybe it's because I'm a veteran myself is when someone either ripsoff a veteran of some of their hard earned souveniers by lowball offers or doesn't know when to take "no" for an answer when the concerned veteran does not wish to sell. I've had several vets in a couple veteran orgainizations I belong to who have experienced both situations.

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