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Do you know this seller?

Article about: hi' guys,checkout {hall of shame} jamie cross militaria site.this guy has been around!!!!!!

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    Thumbs down Do you know this seller?

    you have opinion about this seller ?

    my friend receive today a email from this man , a offer for german militaria , medals , daggers, ect ect ,,, very interesting offer , my friend contact me about this , and after he tell me the name of seller :Pawel Nowak .......i tell my friend : WARNING ! i read some warnings about this guy on the forums

    Pawel contact many members and sellers for offer ! but is the fraud! if you send money , you lost your money

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    how many people here, lost the money with this fellow??

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    I've never lost money - but I've heard the name and the reputation is BAD!!! First time I see a face attached to the name....I have heard of many a collector being taken for money or militaria from this crook.....A lot of people would like to see him in a body cast....Takes a lot of nerve (or stupidity) to still be trying to get away with this!

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    Rob , here some pic he send :
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    Here is the message send by : Hello:

    I have some German Insignia/Medals from WWI and WWII and a few German helmets
    from WWI and WWII in a good condition. There are also German daggers. I have
    also a few bayonets and swords for sale: japanese arisaka, and three french
    bayonets: Chassepot, Grass and Lebel. I would like to sell them for a reasonable
    price. I also have a japanese swords (katana and tanto) with the blade from
    XVIII century. If you could have an interest, let me know.


    Pawel Nowak

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    take care!! Pawel is very active on the net , he uses many different email addresse. Take care!!


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    Same old method though - you purchase the items.....they never show up!! The photos he sends are of items that aren't even his in most cases!!


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    He has a reputation of a fraudster and many people have reported bad deals with him, under no circumstances deal with him

    Why has he sent att these photos and id's of himself ???
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    We who are old now shall not leave this Battle,
    But lie at his feet , in the dust with our leader

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    Quote by Paul E View Post
    Why has he sent att these photos and id's of himself ???
    Hi Paul, this is all part of the confidence tricksters art. If someone sends you some much info about himself, well he must be trustworthy? I have actually seen these before. Of course, no one really knows if these ID's are actually his and not just some innocent mans whos id he has stolen?

    Cheers, Ade.

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    he got two different eye colors in his pink id card

    probebly fake id`s taken whit color contactlences

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