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Family history research

Article about: Hi Guys, I wonder if any American members of the forum can help me with some family history research? I have discovered I have an American ancestor who was my Great, great, great, great, gre

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    Default Family history research

    Hi Guys, I wonder if any American members of the forum can help me with some family history research?

    I have discovered I have an American ancestor who was my Great, great, great, great, great grandfather! His name was Edward Higgs and was born in
    Prince William, Virginia, in 1756. I believe, but have no documentation, that he lived near Bull Run.

    I have tried various free online research sites without any sucess. If any in the US in a member of could they do a search for me?


    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Family history research

    Hey Ade! My girlfriend's brother has a membership there and I know that he would love to search for you. That's his niche. I will ask him if he still has his membership there.

    Have you tried searching for information on - Family History and Genealogy Records The website is run by the LDS church and it has the largest free database of geneological records I can think of.

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    Default Re: Family history research

    Hi Mo, thanks! I have looked there without any sucess.

    He was born in America and later returned to England in 1776 where he married and this is where my Mum's family come from. I am told he owned some land and cattle and some slaves. I guess we all find out some things when we look back, which today, we find very distasteful.

    I have had great sucess overall. Took my direct Stevenson bloodline back to 1580. Discovered a couple of ancestors who served in the Army the 1800's. Found several relatives who fought in WW1 who had been forgotten about, including a Military Medal winner. Now have a photo of him. i will do some threads on the forum about them once I have time.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Family history research

    Brilliant work Ade.
    It does beg the question, "Where would we be without computers and the internet?"

    Regards etc

    IAn D

    AKA: Jimpy

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    Default Re: Family history research

    Hi Ian, it certainly does! Cost is £107 a year for Ancestry membership in the UK. Not cheap, but I think I have already had my moneys worth in fun. (BTW I can now search WW1 records with ease.)

    I started this project when I was 16. Not done anything with it since untill two weeks ago. But I have been aided by the fact the Stevenson's have lived in the same village since written records began. The vilage was part of the Danelaw and the family has Viking or Saxon origins.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Family history research

    Fascinating history, Ade. Please post as much information as you can get (and are comfortable with) when you come across more data. The ancestry line to Virginia should prove to be quite informative. Maybe you have some distant relatives descended from those who remained there after your mother's ancestor left. History and ancestry research are fun.

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    Default Re: Family history research

    Family history amazes me. My grandfather on my father's side was a Palestinian who fought with T.E. Lawrence against the Ottoman Empire in 1917. I have searched for years for records of him that were kept by the British, but I haven't had any luck.

    My great-great-great-(great?) Grandfather on my mother's side was a colonel in an artillery unit for the Confederacy during the American Civil War. I have found a lot of information about him. Her whole family is Virginian, so maybe we are related Ade! Who knows!

    Keep us updated on what you find. : )

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    Default Re: Family history research

    Hi Guys, I will certainly post up any info I find. I am really getting into all of this.

    Another interesting fact I never knew about and I have discovered is that one of my ancestors, my Great Grandfather x9, was killed in the English Civil War in the siege of Shelford House in Nottinghamshire in 1645. I don't know which side he fought for though? I suspect he was a Royalist? Much of Notingham was. When Parliamentary forces captured the House, they slaughtered most of the prisoners.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    I found some information about an Edward Higgs who lived in Prince William County, Virginia during the time your gx5 grandfather lived there. This Edward Higgs, however, was born in Maryland and there is no indication that he emigrated to England, so it may not be your ancestor. On the other hand, some of the information about him may be in error, or he may be a relative of your ancestor.
    You can look at this site:
    Edward Higgs b. Bef 1768 St. Mary's County, Maryland d. Aft 1788 Prince William County, Virginia: Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties

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